Red Dead Redemption 2: Ex-Employee Reveals Scoop, Customizable Characters, AAA Listings and More!


Ever since the developers have announced Red Dead Redemption 2, there has been a constant flow of rumors about it. While most of the rumors have been baseless, fans of the game are of the opinion that one of the posts on Reddit about Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming from a developer at Rockstar.

The user who is giving out some of the major scoops about the upcoming game claims to be seeking revenge against his former employer and is leaking out important spoilers in order to get back at them.

The Reddit user has revealed that the name of Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be Legends of the West. Initially his scoops weren’t given much importance and fans felt that this was a hoax to get followers, but it is being noticed that he has been consistent about the information that he has been leaking and people have started to take note of it.

The former developer has also revealed that the game will take on incidents that happened years before the original game. It is going to help the players get a background history about the things that they had seen in Red Dead Redemption. Set twelve years before the original game, in the same area of play, the upcoming game is going to be more of an exposure on the things that the avid gamers are already aware of.

Christian Today has come up with some scoops about the characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well. It was revealed that there are going to be two characters in the game. One of them will be born in Ireland and will be called Irish. He moves to America later in his life and finally settles in the area of the gameplay when he turns 21 years old.

The other player is named Seth and he is originally from Kansas and is a teller in a local bank. When he hears about a treasure, he uses his life savings to move his family to Texas, at a place called Tumbleweed.

This is not only where the characters end. Developers have supposedly added a third customizable character. This character will be almost like the one gamers create in Grand Theft Auto V. Players will have the freedom to choose his clothes and horse.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to have two kinds of missions. Irish and Seth can be used in them while the customizable character will function as a gun on hire, helping out both Irish and Seth and tying up their stories together.

The third character has the freedom to roam and explore the game universe, while the other two characters can be asked to join in as companions, but not actually played with. Many of the old characters like Sheriff, Bony and John Marston is going to be present in the gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another interesting feature of Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be the gang system that the developers have prepared. The new gang system allows the players to club different gangs together. If you want you can side with the gangs or even join the law enforcement forces. This, however, will prevent you from taking part in any of the gameplay and might also cost you your job and life.

Single players can also bring in 4-8 friends and create a posse. You can easily participate in some side missions with your posse or even start on your campaign missions with your group. The co-op system, if it is actually introduced in Red Dead Redemption 2 will be something that is completely new.


  1. This information seems very sketchy…

    Seth and Irish were NPC’s in RDR. As such I do not beleive under any circumstance rockstar would give them any other role in the game besides playing a rift raft character that they were in RDR.

    I beleive its more likely that they will pick up where Jack Marston left of at the end of the game.

    Ill bet a paycheck Irish and Seth are not playable nor customizable.