Reasons to Buy an Apple iPad Pro, Display Features Major Upgrade Over The iPad Air 2!


An in-depth testing of the new Apple iPad Pro 9.7inches was performed by DisplayMate and it further determined that the IPS LCD display is a highly immersive, top-performing display and is also a major upgrade over the iPad Air 2. Both of these tablets have similar specs and this includes matching 4:3 ratios and 2,048×1536 pixel resolutions, along with 264 PPI.

Several underlying improvements have been made to the iPad Pro and the display was further qualified as DisplayMate’s “best performing mobile LCD display” it has ever tested. According to the exhaustive display shootout, the 9.7inch iPad Pro has two color gamuts which provide color accuracy that is indistinguishable from perfect.

The display was further considered to be considerably better than any kind of mobile display, tablet, and monitor, TV or UHD TV owned by most people.

In addition to the sRGB/Rec.709 gamut, the device makes use of a new DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut that is used in 4K UHD TVs and Digital Cinema.

It was also described as the color standard for most content which is required for accurate color reproduction, used by all iPhones and iPads before. It was further determined by DisplayMate that the 9.7inch iPad Pro is more than 20 percent brighter when compared to other current iPads.

It is also the brightest full size production tablet that has ever been tested. The brightness of the tablet further measures 511 cd/m2 (nits), compared to the iPad Air 2’s 415 nits.

Moreover, the iPad Pro also has by far the lowest low screen reflectance of any mobile display. This further means that its images color and contrast in high ambient light like sunlight. It will further appear considerably better than any other mobile display.

The tablet further uses a new anti-reflectance coating which further reduces the reflectance to just 1.7 percent compared to the 2.5 percent reflectance of the iPad Air 2. The difference further amounts to longer battery life in real-life usage.

The device further earned high marks thanks to its 1,022 contrast ratio and it was described to be ‘very good’ for a mobile display. The ratio was slightly lower than the benchmark 1,631 for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The contrast rating for 9.7inch iPad Pro is 301 in high ambient light. This is the highest that was ever measured by DisplayMate and it tops the iPad Air 2’s rating of 166. The tablet further has excellent viewing angle performance and has no visually noticeable color shifts.

It further recorded a 47 to 55 percent decrease in brightness at a modest 30 degree viewing angle. According to DisplayMate, this is slightly better than iPad Air 2 or all other iPads.

There are various reasons why the 9.7inch iPad Air Pro is the best tablet but definitely not for everyone. The Apple iPad Pro is the perfect size. It is a great device if you can use the extra real estate for making great sketches, video or 3D graphics.

Apple iPad Pro

However, the extra space isn’t needed by everyone. Most users simply need the power and dependability which comes with the Pro and this is exactly where the iPad Air Pro looks perfect. It is also, pretty much the same device in a smaller frame. This makes it the most popular size for iPads, considering the fact that it was launched in this frame.

The device is also the most powerful tablet released by Apple so far. People never thought that it was possible to make pages for a print publication but it was accomplished by the iPad Pro. People are further convinced that the tablet can be as productive as a laptop.


  1. Super, iPad Pro right now is the best tablet you can get. I would say def get the pencil and also a Lumiy Lightline to go with it. These are must have if you are a graphic artist.