Production of Attack On Titan Season 2 Stopped, Eren Yeager’s Secret to Be Revealed!


Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series currently and there is sad news coming the way of the fans. Those waiting earnestly for Attack on Titan Season 2 will be disappointed to know that the series has been delayed even further.

The fans were ready to sit back and let the original manga move ahead four story arcs for Attack on Titan Season 2 to start.

There has been an understanding between the creator of the Manga, Hajime Isayama and the director of the anime Tetsuro Araki that the anime of Attack on Titan will not start until the manga is four story arcs ahead and right now it is ahead by only two story arcs.

This places the director in a predicament to go ahead and work with original material. However, the avid fans of the anime will not be favor of this since the real charm of the series lies in the fact that it is so closely based on the original manga.

According to Movie Pilot, Attack on Titan Season 2 is expected to be released later this year and the fact the fact that the date hasn’t been pushed any further is seen as a good news by the fans. The Ecumenical News has reported that the original manga is longer than usual and the story arcs that it has used is enough to pan out the whole of Season 2.

Lawyer Herald has come out with information that will not go down well with the fans of Attack on Titans Season 2. The tabloid reports that the production of Attack on Titans Season 2 has been stopped by the creator Hajime Isayama and Tetsuro Araki, temporarily.

However, this shouldn’t affect the release date of Attack on Titans Season 2 since the production hasn’t yet begun and they have to wait until the manga is two more story arc ahead before they can do anything about it.

There are lot of speculation about what story line the upcoming anime will feature and it is likely to be the one about the 104th Trainees Squad battle against the Titan. Attack on Titan Season 2 will also see the fans finding out the secret that Eren Yeager was hiding for so long. Eren Yeager has been able to become a Titan and how this is possible will be revealed when the next season releases.

Other spoilers that are doing the rounds are that Attack on Titan Season 2 will see a movement that will dethrone the king within Wall Rose and place the Reiss family on the throne as the original royal family. It should be kept in mind that Krista Lenz has been identified as a Reiss and this will make things more exciting.

Attack on Titan Season 2

Hajime Isayama, the creator of the manga has informed that the upcoming story arc will see Ymir become an important character, which indicates that he will also feature as an important character in Attack on Titan Season 2.

The current arc that is being dealt with the original manga is a very exciting one and involves the Survey Corps taking on the Armored Titan with the help of special weapons and with Eren Rogue coming out to stop the Colossal Titan from entering completely on his own.


  1. That’s it,I am out and can’t wait anymore.I don’t have more of my heart left for aot.
    Tokyo ghoul was released after attack on titans and already gonna have the 3rd season….

  2. Man theynare delaying this so much! I already forgott most of aot what happened ! Release it already

  3. I’ve been following the manga and there should be ample content (and more) to make a second season. Going by how many chapters the manga was of Season 1 by the time Season 1 came out there really shouldn’t be much of an excuse because there exists now about that many chapters ahead of where a possible Season 2 should end.

  4. I believe that patience is a virtue, so okay I’ll wait. But pleaseeeeee, Mr. Creator don’t let Levi dieeeeeeee! 🙁