Noah Wyle Set To Be A Part Of The Librarians Season 3, Is Going To Act, Produce, Direct And Write, Devlin Teases Premiere Title!


The Librarians is coming back for its third season. Noah Wyle, who brought to life the lead role in the magical drama series, is going to be back to reprise the role of Flynn Carsen for six episodes and will even go behind the camera to direct two of the episodes. This is not where the happiness ends, Noah Wyle will also pen down one of the episodes in The Librarians Season 3.

Wyle didn’t have a permanent contract with The Librarians, since he was busy with TNT’s sci-fi drama series, Falling Skies. He had restricted himself to a yearly contract with The Librarians, since Falling Skies was his first priority. However, with Falling Skies wrapping up its fifth and final season, Noah Wyle was free to take up his role in The Librarians Season 3 and TNT happily got him on board.

Noah Wyle was known to have made his directorial debut in Falling Skies and since he had received a lot of kudos for his direction in the series, TNT wanted him to try something for The Librarians as well. Noah Wyle has a close bond with The Librarians and it would be right for him to come in and provide his direction to the popular series.

According to Deadline, executive producer, Dean Devlin has come out to state that his collaboration with Noah Wyle, on The Librarians, has been one of his most fruitful experience. It was a partnership that gave way to some genuinely good material. He is super excited to have Noah Wyle on board for the third season of The Librarians, in the role of an actor, producer, director and writer.

Devlin added that it feels like they have come a long way since the days of The Librarians television films and it feels good to have someone who was a part of the original project, be so involved with the upcoming one. Noah Wyle knows the nitty-gritties of the world of The Librarians and hence it is a blessing to have him on board.

Yibada reported that Noah Wyle had always wanted to pursue direction. He might have started his TV career with a role in the popular series, ER, but he always dreamt of going behind the camera. Given the popularity of The Librarians, Wyle decided to become a producer for the two television films based on the series, The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines and The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice.

The Librarian got its own television series in 2014. The television series shows Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) leading the group of Librarians. With a television series based on the popular television film, it was known that Wyle will soon become a part of the project. Devlin has come out to state that Noah Wyle is one of the most creative mind on the team and hence it is, but obvious that they will ask him to direct and write a few of the episodes in Season 3 of The Librarians.

The Librarians Season 3

The Librarians follow an ancient organization of crime fighters who meet beneath the New York Metropolitan Public Library. They solve mysteries and fight crimes against the supernatural threats and also find magical artifacts.

The last season saw the dreaded Prospero being eliminated, but there are numerous other threats that the team has to tackle. Flynn and his team of Librarians will find themselves in the midst of greater challenges when they come back in the Rise of Chaos in The Librarians Season 3.


  1. Can’t wait for Season 3 to begin… My favorite actor, singer, songwriter, stuntman, cook, Christian Kane rocks his role as Jake Stone. He is getting the chance to train and choreograph with a legend, Ernie Reyes, JR.. for the show. So stoked to see what they
    have been working on.. Going to be great i am sure!!

  2. I love the show The Librarians. I started watching because I am a Christian Kane fan and quickly fell in love with the rest of the cast as well. Jacob is still my favorite though.

  3. The Librarians is an incredible combination of great direction, production, writing and acting. Dean Devlin is brilliant in my opinion and it carries over from his Leverage days. Wyle made the original mini series of 3 Librarians, making us all want more and his involvement, in all aspects, just adds to the magic of the series. The 5 main actors in the first two seasons, made the adventures more than entertaining and you find yourself going through all of your emotions in just under an hour. My personal favorite, Christian Kane, brings his inteligence, brawn and humor to the top of my character list. If you’re a Leverage fan, you know what I mean. All in all, this is one of the best that TV has to offer and season 3, is is sure to excite the senses.

  4. Great article about The Librarians! I cannot wait to see what Christian Kane’s character, Jake Stone, has in store for Season 3. This is one of the few shows our whole family sits down to watch together each week.