No Man’s Sky: Rumors About Delay in Release Date, Sean Murray Clears Doubts, And More Details


Hello Games, the developers of No Man’s Sky has suddenly gone quiet and there are absolutely no news or updates about the upcoming game. It was Christian Today was the first one to report that there is going to be a delay in the release date of No Man’s Sky because of a technical glitch.

It was first announced that No Man’s Sky is going to be released around June next year. Even though the game is still working with the target date in mind, they have updated their latest game play trailer with the mention that the release date might be a postponed because of a small glitch.

Sean Murray the director of Hello Games and the developer of No Man’s Sky had emphasized on the importance of sticking to the release date that they have already announced.

The fans of No Man’s Sky have waited for a long time to play the game. Now after getting their hopes high about the end being so near, when the release date is going to be delayed, it is going to be a tough on the fans.

Sean Murray mentioned this very aspect when he spoke about the importance of sticking to the timeline. The game play that Hello Game has released for No Man’s Sky apart from the insights they have given on the upcoming game has piqued the interest of the fan.

Now to delay the wait for playing the game even further will not be a very good thing to do. The fans are almost losing their patience.

Hello Game is focused on the quality of the game that they are going to release. They feel that even a small issue in the game needs to be fixed. Hello Games doesn’t compromise on their quality even if it means that they have to delay the process of releasing No Man’s Sky.

The first thing that fans are asking is if the announcement about the delay has been made by the official website of Hello Games. Hello Games on its part hasn’t come out with any statement where they have mentioned that a technical issue has come up and fixing of which might cause them to push back the release date.

The official Facebook and Twitter page of Hello Games and No Man’s Sky have not made any changes in their official pages irrespective of the fact that there are so many rumors circulating on the internet.

MNR Daily has reported that the reports of technical glitch that were doing the rounds isn’t valid. They were not based on official reports, but rather rumors that were surrounding the release date of No Man’s Sky. This report gives fans hope that the release date of June 2016 is going to become the official release date of the game.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is expected to be released with the PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR is going to release their own headset and it is believed that the game play of No Man’s Sky is going to enhance with the VR headset.

The June 2016 release date for No Man’s Sky had been fixed since it coincided with the release of Sony’s VR headset. This very news negates all the rumors that the release date of No Man’s Sky will be delayed, because Hello Games is complete with their game for that matter and are just waiting for the go ahead sign from Sony.


  1. With a game so big and complex as No Man’s Sky it is perfectly understandable that there will be technical issues during development. People should stop complaining about delays in release date. Id rather play one great game later than not a game full of bugs and lacking features early.