Nicki Minaj: Relieved After Birdman and Lil Wayne Bury Their Hatchet, Getting Frustrated with Boyfriend Meek Mill’s Constant Twitter Battles? Let’s See


It was recently reported that both Drake and Nicki Minaj who were forced to choose sides during the public feud between Lil Wayne and Birdman, are relieved that they have finally decided to bury the hatchet.

The feud began back in December 2014, when Lil Wayne took to Twitter to accuse Birdman and Cash Money that they were refusing to release his album, The Carter V. It continued for over a year, during which Minaj and Drake had to choose sides.

Both of them were seen backing up Lil Wayne, however their love towards Birdman was not diminished in the process because he is the one who paved the way for them.

Various rumors suggested that both of them were afraid that they might have to face dire consequences if they were found in close vicinity of Birdman. Los Angeles based rapper, Tyga recently referred to the feud as a family spat during an interview with Streetz 94.5.

After burying their hatchet, the duo in question, Lil Wayne and Birdman were seen putting up a performance at the LIV nightclub in Miami. They were again spotted together on January 20 in the studio and were accompanied by YoGotti.

This reunion is definitely good news for Drake and Minaj who were sucked into the feud even when they did not have to do anything with it. Lil Wayne had previously threatened to quit Cash Money.

He said that he would make Minaj and Drake quit the rap label too in case he had to leave it. He pointed out that since the contracts of Minaj and Drake are with Young Money Entertainment, its only logical that the duo quit Cash Money too alongside him.

In other news, Nicki Minaj recently shared some cryptic messages about love and ego in her Twitter account. Just in the recent past, her boyfriend Meek Mill engaged in a feud with 50 Cent over social media. Her latest Tweets sparked rumors that the recent cryptic messages from Minaj are actually aimed towards her boyfriend.

The feud began when Meek Mill took a jab at 50 Cent in his song “Gave ‘Em Hope” featured in his newly released 4/4 EP. 50 Cent is not someone who would be cool about it and as expected, he retorted back at Mill by stating that the career of the hip-hop artist is as good as over and he should concentrate more on the task of impregnating his girlfriend.

Both of them have been taking shots at each other since this incident and in a latest post, Mill uploaded a bundle $50 bills which were placed on a table. The hip-hop artist himself was seen in the background in the image. The image came with the following caption- “I barely do the 50’s …. Just keeping it a 100.”

It was after this that Meek Mill was heavily criticized by fans through comments.Mill was previously involved in another public feud with 50 Cent back in November 2015.

The series of cryptic messages posted by Nicki Minaj highlighted the importance of love and stated how ego is harmful for any person. She posted an image which had the writing- “Too much ego will kill your talent”.

Nicki Minaj

She then went on to compare ego to a pestering fly in a concert hall. People concentrate so much on the fly that the ultimately forget about the concert itself.

She posted all of these messages without mentioning anyone’s name but that is not stopping fans from assuming that she is subtly discouraging Meek Mill from continuing his ongoing feud with 50 Cent.

A renowned website reported that Minaj does not want Meek Mill to keep up with the exchanging of hate posts over Twitter with 50 Cent. However, it is Meek’s pride and ego that is making him go on in this case.


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