Microsoft Xbox One Controllers Get New Update, Button Remapping Rumored to Arrive Soon!


People know how frustrating it is to how your ‘Xbox One Controllers’ tethered to your desktop while you try to play with it on a Windows 10 PC game. Thankfully, there is a new Xbox Wireless adapter for Windows 10, which recently received a page on the Xbox Store. The new peripheral comes in the form of an USB adapter which can be plugged into your desktop.

It will pick up the Xbox One Wireless Controller in case you are playing on a console. This accessory will be launched on 20th October and costs around $24.99. This is a blessing for the people who wish to play with the Xbox One Controller on PC but prefers the freedom of movement which comes with the wireless controller.

Microsoft has been trying its best to make Windows 10 a perfect platform for gaming, like its Xbox console and it has decided to focus on games like Gigantic and Fable Legends. Thanks to this, gamers will have a more natural experience with their Xbox Controller on Windows 10.

Reports suggest that customization will be available on all Xbox One controllers. It will not only be the Xbox One Elite Controller which is heading our way next month. Mike Ybarra, Microsoft’s director of program management, responded to a question on Twitter promised a new rollout to controllers pretty soon.

According to IGN, the upgrade will be seen next month in all probability, as the Elite controller arrives at dealerships. This is really a great piece of news for the people who wish to remap their Xbox One Controllers without having to shell out 150 dollars for a new controller.

The new controller was first seen at E3 and the Elite bundle was unveiled in August. It comes with a matte-finish console with 1TB of Solid State Hybrid Drive and the controller as well.

It has been designed exclusively for the competitive gamers who prefer Xbox One and Windows 10. Furthermore, the Xbox One Controllers feature customizable buttons and options, including hair-trigger locks and interchangeable paddles.

This will be included in a $499 package, which is scheduled to go live worldwide next month. The bundle can be picked up exclusively by U.S customers at GameStop and Microsoft Stores starting from 3rd November and pre-orders are online at the moment.

On 27th October, the stand-alone wireless controller will hit shelves. Meanwhile, the biggest update yet, for the Xbox One is something that gamers are looking forward to, at the moment. With the November update, there will be a completely re-imagined Xbox which brings the most social and fastest Xbox Gaming experience ever.

Meanwhile, Microsoft increased its party-chat limit last month before switching to the Windows 10 based UI and addition of backward compatibility for Xbox 360 Games. It was boosted from 8 to 12 and besides that, there were several new features introduced in the New Xbox One Experience Preview.

Keep in mind that all of these features will not hit the next-gen console immediately. It was recently announced by Microsoft that digital assistant Cortana will not be launching on the Xbox One till 2016.

In other news, a new controller update has been released by Microsoft and according to Reddit and Neogaf users; it will fix issues related to Quick Connect which were being faced by many New Xbox Experience Users.

Xbox One Controllers

After updating their console to the new dashboard, users were not able to connect their controllers to the console wirelessly. After updating their controllers to the new firmware, users have reported that they are no longer facing the issue and it appears to be fixed. In February, the Quick Connect feature was rolled out initially for the Xbox One.

Furthermore, it reduced the time that the Xbox One controllers took, to connect to the console. As a result, the Xbox One controller is slowly turning into a must-buy this Holiday season, thanks to Microsoft.


  1. Microsoft should give everyone a new controller since the left stick breaks on every one. It just sticks up, so if you play NBA 2k your guy just runs out of bounds in to the crowd. I bought a couple of refurbished 1s on Ebay for 35 bux and I think they super glue the sticks in place so it can`t get stuck.