Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is More Enhanced With the New Windows 10, Additional Details


If you are looking for a new laptop for your business these days, you will never go wrong if your purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The device is a definite winner and there are several reasons behind it. First of all, most people working in eminent IT companies love the Surface Pro 3 and there are reports of great sales along with decent battery power on these devices.

People like IT geeks are the first to complain about bad technology but Microsoft Surface Pro 3 offers complete satisfaction. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has certain cons like it is quite expensive and in order to get the complete set of benefits, you need to purchase the Pro 3 variant which runs Windows 8.1 and has 128GB storage space and 8GB RAM to go along with it.

In order to make it functional as a laptop, you need to add on a keyboard as well. The ports are few and as a result, you need an USB adapter for projectors and USB devices. There is no cellular activity and you will need an extra battery pack for long flights. A business owner will definitely prefer it as it offers a quicker, wiser and better hardware solution.

It is an excellent combination of a laptop and a tablet with a great battery, offering 5-7 hours. The processor is reliable and fast and the screen offers great resolution. Like a lot of people in the world, if you prefer Office, SharePoint, CRM, you will definitely love this Microsoft product.

With the latest Microsoft Windows 10 update being rolled out for Surface Pro 3 devices, here are some things that you will prefer as an owner and some things that you might not.

Firstly, unlike the Metro UI in Windows 8.1, the new OS offers a Start Menu that lives right on the desktop and you are provided with the option to return back to tablet mode, every time your disconnect your keyboard or dock. People hated Internet Explorer and this is a true fact. They hated its guts with funny, insulting IE memes cropping up everywhere!

However, things have changed with Microsoft Windows 10.  Even if you prefer Chrome, you will immediately start noticing the benefits of the new Microsoft Edge Browser. Everything is rendered quite fine on this new browser. The quick button present on the Task View is a nifty little addition and this is available with the help of Alt-Tab.

The new layout, design and settings are quite revamped and they should function better for most people. The new toggle controllers, consistency and other options are quite favorable. The files can be found easier with a quick access option and it comes with a slightly updated design and layout in Windows 10.

You can download three Office Mobile Apps from the Windows Store. People will love this as the first Surface tablets lacked a touch-friendly version of Office. There are also some things about Windows 10 that you won’t like. The Mail and Calendar App is quite buggy and both of them have the tendency of closing after 15 seconds.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Action settings are a bit meddling and certainly take some time to getting used to. Getting Access to VPN settings is difficult as you have to tap on Wi-Fi icon, then choose VPN shortcut settings and then choose it again from Network and Internet settings.

Keep in mind that the problems with Mail and Calendar are no longer present with the addition of the latest update. Right now, the Mail and Calendar options work perfectly and device can easily play audio through a Microsoft Dock.


  1. Ummm, no it doesn’t. I love the new Windows 10 over 8.1. It makes my SP3 experience soooo much better. The UI is so much more intuitive. Everything is so much more efficient and faster. Win10 is what 8.1 should have been. I would recommend the upgrade to everyone.

  2. The Surface Pro 4, just like its predecessor Surface Pro 3, will still boast of its laptop and tablet capabilities.