Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Excels With Windows 10 While New Successor Is Around the Corner, And More Details


According to reports from Design & Trend, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 will be replaced by Surface Pro 4 soon, in October. The present batch of rumors suggests the exact date to be 4th October.  These same rumors indicate that there will be a bigger display and a thinner device but several questions have been raised as to how this will comply with the existing accessories.

Several big improvements have been discussed about and this further indicates that purchasing a Surface Pro 3 is probably not the best idea right now. According to a report from Tech Times, the successor of the Surface Pro 3 will have a USB Type-C connector, a Skylake processor along with a 4K display.

This has been further proved by the deductions in price of the Surface Pro 3. O2 is the first UK retailer to have been chosen by Microsoft to provide 4G Surface 3 packages exclusively to enterprise customers. An initial downpayment of £50 needs to be paid followed by a 24 month contract of £27.67 per month.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will also be added to the product portfolio of O2. This variant will not be available in 4G but it will include a one-time payment of £707.50. Meanwhile, rumors keep circulating about a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 successor which is due to release soon. However, there was no mention of Surface Pro 4 at the Build conference which occurred last month.

At the same time, the fact that Microsoft has acquired N-Trig has resulted in the release of fresh rumors and speculations at DigiTimes. The Surface Pro 3 Stylus Pen technology is actually the brainchild of the Israeli company, N-Trig.

The purchase of this company by Microsoft could be a sign that the Redmondian Giant is gearing up to release its upcoming device quite soon. Microsoft is currently deciding to include handwriting recognition technology as a standard feature in various programs like Office and Outlook.

Meanwhile, Microsoft wishes to increase its cross-platform footprint with the inclusion of Windows 10. This is probably what caused Microsoft to increase their six-percent stake in N-Trig and proceed to complete ownership.  However, if you are still planning to purchase the Surface Pro 3, there are some things that you need to look at.

The Windows 2-in-1 idea is best represented by the Surface Pro 3. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a 12inch tablet which includes a kickstand and comes with a powerful Intel Core processor. Once you attach the $120 Surface Type Cover, this device can be used as a notebook as well.

When you attach the Surface Type Cover in Windows 8.1, you will be able to navigate through Surface Pro 3 using a touchpad along with a physical keyboard. Once you swipe on the trackpad, it will immediately trigger multitasking and the Charms bar. If you swipe really hard, you will be directed to the last app you used.

At the same time, nothing of the software experience has changed for the better or the worse. Meanwhile, a new thing has been added to the mix with the release of Surface Pro 3 and a new feature in Windows 10, known as Continuum. Windows 10 understands when you have added the Surface Type Cover and it adapts to what you get on-screen.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The apps and Windows Store programs that have been downloaded from the net turn into resizable windows with the Surface Type Cover locked in. Once you take the cover off, the Surface Menu changes into a Start Screen.

The Windows 10 upgrades on the PC will need to switch between these modes by using a pop-up but in the Surface Pro 3, the switch can be performed automatically, thanks to the additions by Microsoft.


  1. There are some elements of Windows 10 that have improved the SP3, but they are all overshadowed by the horrible Touchscreen keyboard.

    It remains “Always on Top” for most programs/apps, and oftentime covers the text input field. In other words, it essentially hides the field!

    You can un-maximize or un-dock (or whatever the new term would be), and move the keyboard. But you can imagine the awful user experience when you try hold the table in the middle so that your thumbs can reach the keyboard that needed to be relocated in order to see a text input field at the bottom of the screen.

    It is really awful, and completely ruins the user experience.

  2. What about the camera! Make it autofocus and it starts to be a contender with the best features of a tablet. Other than the poor quality power supplies, docking stations and camera, I am an S3 fan!