Married at First Sight: Tres Cooks for Vanessa, Ashley and David Likely to get Divorced, Sam and Neil Fight Over House Hunting!


Married at First Sight Season 3 had a rocky start, but with the series coming to an end, it looks like the show has buried the ghosts of the past season. This season of Married at First Sight has one couple that is going to come out strong even after the season is over. Tres and Vanessa didn’t start in the best manner, but they have worked out their problems are stronger than ever before.

Tres had freaked Vanessa when he confessed about being a playboy in the past. Vanessa had been very skeptical about the man in her life ever since her father left them when she was very young.

When she finds out that Tres had been a playboy, she felt that their relationship is a joke for him. It took Tres a lot of work to make her realize that he has changed and he is very serious about his marriage with Vanessa.

In the coming episode of Married at First Sight called Making Moments, Tres decides to make dinner for his wife and they talk about their family and the two open up and strengthen their bond. According to Christian Today, Tres makes Taco salad for Vanessa, while she sits and chats with him.

Vanessa confesses that Tres is a very simple guy who is happy with the simplest of things in life. He doesn’t need a lavish dinner to be happy. He is equally content with a bag of Doritos and lettuce salad. She is happy that she doesn’t have to make complicated and lavish meals for him.

Vanessa on her part has won over husband’s heart. She is very patient, understanding and accommodative. The couple have gotten intimate and they also did exceptionally well in the quiz about their sex lives, which showed their compatibility and their bond. The two are now talking about kids and it looks like they are willing to take their relationship to the next level.

The other couple in Married at First Sight is David and Ashley and things are getting from bad to worse for them. Ashley has openly admitted to not feeling any attraction for her husband. She had even spoken to Dr. Joseph Cilona about this.

David had tried to console and be there with her, but Ashley never gave him the space to be there for her. David on his part is trying very hard to make their marriage work, but he is going to need some help from Ashley.

Inquisitr has reported that Dr. Joseph Cilona has informed Ashley and David to look past their lack of attraction to make their relationship work. This seems like a doable task for David, but Ashley isn’t very open about it.

Married At First Sight

While talking to the Knot, David said that it usually takes a week or two to just start knowing the other person and where there are so much of unresolved issues between the couple, if they decide to go ahead for the long haul in six weeks, without sorting things out, they are just setting the stage for failure.

David has revealed that he is clearly in love with Ashley and will everything possible to make their marriage work. He said that even if the two decide to divorce, he will be glad to have been a part of Married at First Sight Season 3 since it has taught him a lot.


  1. i think david deserves someone way better than ashley. Hes a very good looking guy, I don’t think ashley is pretty at all. Her personality makes her ugly sorry.

  2. I love Married at First Sight. I watch the reruns over an over. But … when I watch Ashley and that other B Samantha I get deflated. Both are a total let down. Observation …. they are both so full of themselves, selfish and conceited. Who would want these selfish b@#$s?
    Where is their beauty? Where is their commitment? Having been divorced and remarried, the one thing that I have learned is to nurture, invest in and love. That’s what truly makes happiness not to mention having sex. What would be wrong with having 3 shots of tequila and letting oneself go with the moment, just to see what would happen. I wonder if these two women have ever had one night stands. If the answer is yes, why not have one with their potential partner. I absolutely love David and Neil They are A ok to me. Can’t wait to see what happens.