Married at First Sight Season 3: Will FYI Cancel the Show after the Second Season, Coelen Explains the Procedure, And More Details


By the looks of it Married at First Sight Season 3 is not going to see the light of the day. The social experiment that seemed to have hit the right note in the first season ended as an epic failure when each of the couples in the second season of Married at First Sight ended up having a divorce.

According to Realty TV, the first season of Married at First Sight was somewhat of a breakthrough, but it was the exact opposite from then on. One consolation that the viewers of the American series can have is the show has met a similar fate in Australia and Denmark.

The one couple that got the major share of attention in Married at First Sight Season 2 was Kate Stewart and Jason Knowles. They were the couple that decided to end their marriage just two weeks into it.

The real drama according to Mirror UK, however, started when Kate’s friends found a profile of Jason in Tinder. Tinder is a well known dating app that lets you connect to similar minded people who are in the same area as you are.

When Jason was confronted about this, he said that he has not cheated on Kate in the two weeks that they were together and he has made that profile on Tinder when he realized that things will not work out between the two of them.

Jason went on to say that he didn’t even consummate on their honeymoon. He confessed that he would hang out with the bar staff instead of spend time with Kate in Ireland, where they were honeymooning.

While there has been no official confirmation that Married at First Sight Season 3 has been cancelled, the page that called individuals for casting for the show has been closed. Movie News Guide is of the opinion that this is clear indication that the show might not come back for the third season.

The second season of Married at First Sight saw all the couples filing for the divorce. The couples, Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen, Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar, Ryan De Niro and Jessica Castro have all ended their marriage.

The separation for Jessica Castro and Ryan De Niro was a nasty one with the two being in a legal spat. Jessica Castro has filed for a restraining order against her ex-husband Ryan De Niro because he had threatened to harm her and her family. Ryan has denied the whole incident and even shared a photo of the restraining order saying that the truth will ultimately find the way to come out.

The show was based on the fact that match making is a science where compatibility can be measured between two individuals. In earlier days, arranged marriages were the norm and they were way more successful than the love marriages that take place now-a-days.

Married At First Sight Season 3

However, what the psychologists, who formed the panel, couldn’t realize was that connection cannot be made by science and emotions and love and respect is something that is based on the individual and it cannot be made in a scientific environment. The failure of the show has also resulted in a failure of the social experiment on which the show was based.

Married at First Sight bring together two strangers on their wedding day and makes them start a married life together. The pairing is done by an expert panel of psychologists who study these individuals closely and then pick them up according to their similarities and pair them.


  1. I felt that the test would work if they had more than six weeks and the couples may be need to come from somewhere else other than NY maybe a small town or somewhere a bit more easy to get around. The couples should do more time with the experts before they can end the marriage.

  2. I agree couples need more than six weeks. Real tradition marriages go thru fights threats and everything one can possible think of. That’s loving. Also can you update on couples from season 2 if they are willing to talk? Curious minds want to know. I don’t believe they actually hate each other

  3. We were fasinated by Season 2 (missed 1 but would buy or rent it) Please continuevwith season 3—I AM 74 AND MY WIFE IS 77 we got married in 2000!!! We got a lot of good information from the show!!! We need more!!!

  4. I really think they should have another round of Married At First Sight, I was totally hooked on that show and I need more please. I watch season 1 and 2, so please have a season 3. There is a lot of folks out there that really like it and learned some good stuff from it, so I will be waiting to see it on tv and thank you for your time.

  5. I would really like to see season 3… I agree need more then 6 weeks for the fans of the show as much for the couples… married life is hard enough but to put the holidays on them as well (maybe this is the reason the couples aren’t making it) please please do another season…

  6. I would like to see season 3. I really like seasons 1 and 2 .Sean and Davina were my favorite. They were compatible,Sean didn’t pay attention Davina told Sean twice she loves him.,Sean was reacting to his disability and not focused on his marriage . Davina stated be here with me (she was not clear Davina should have said love me). When their picture fell off the wall at the reunion show twice, Sean and Davina were both lying and not telling the whole truth.when Sean was talking about being the Ying /yang Davina knew Sean was telling the truth, once again Sean didn’t see (blind )to her emotions. (She got chills) It’s sad that they felled the experiment by not putting in the work, because they both lost each as lovers and soul mates. I want comment on either of the Ryans because they were so disrespectful to the process.

    I meet my husband at first sight, we have been married for 37 years.

  7. I agree that there is a lot of valuable information that every married couple could benefit from…I was very convinced that marriages could be arranged. I believe the main problems in season 2 were because of demographics…the couples just did not want to relocate…I still believe in these professionals and what they do.

  8. As for Sean and Davina, I think Davina imasculated Sean early and he just couldn’t deal with her…Again he was not truthful about relocating…clearly it was a problem for him and his job. Jessica Castro and Ryan DeNino were a very cute couple…but Ryan was too much of a “Hot Head”. It would be very difficult for anyone to live with him. My favorite couple was Jaclyn Methune and Ryan Ranellone. Jaclyn was just so full of personality and she was so funny and seemed so optomistic. Ryan was a little stuffy but I knew it would not work when he said he just missed his family too much… This turned me off completely with Ryan. I hope the best for all these beautiful people…Jaclyn will be the most likely to succeed at finding someone special…

  9. I believe in the arrangement of the professionals selecting your spouse…there were so many people that signed up for this process…it would be a shame not to have another season 3. This is my most favorite reality TV show.

  10. Please have another season of married at first sight. It is a wonderful show. I think maybe it should be done in somewhere other then NYC area maybe in the Midwest. And I think it should follow the couples longer than six weeks. Maybe six months. I really enjoyed the first season the second season from the first episode the marriages were doomed. Really they were not willing to compromise willingly they were forced. But please try again in maybe Chicago, Denver, Houston or Seattle. Oh by the way love Dr. Pepper!

  11. Would love a third season. I watched avidly and then watched again each episode of both seasons. I was very disappointed at the results of season 2. I was appalled at Ryan’s behavior as well as Jessica’s at times. (I had been married for 47 yrs. when my husband passed away. We had our trials during that time but he was a wonderful man.) Anyway, more work with the therapists during the six weeks or longer would be beneficial for the couples. I hope more updates are planned for Season 1 couples. I cannot say enough about the shows.

  12. I really loved the show and waited anxiously for next episode.
    Please give us a third seaso.

  13. I feel the Drs. Did Not do a good job this time in season 2. They paired Davina wrong from the start. That girl was to independent in her life, to set in her ways. I don’t think she could ever be married.!! Sean is a quiet small town kind of person, caring and humble and more docile. Not good from day one. Jessica agitated Ryan to no end. She was extremely jealous of him cause he came from the best job the best clothes.had the best car. She even admitted that. Jacklyn’s Ryan was a Mamas boy!!! The Drs. Should of realized he would not have been able to part from his nice whom hebpravtically raised and his mommy who probably cried and called him everyday. I mean come on he lived at home his whole life!!!!

  14. I think it would definitely work. The couples they chose were big babies. They would not budge. It was their way or no way. Marriage is compromise. Marriage isn’t a 6 week experiment. Then decide to stay or go. The process should be longer. Divorce isn’t an option until a yr or more.

  15. I want a 3rd season as well. Loved season 1 and watched all of Season 2. Disappointed in the results of season 2 couples. I think the problem was that each of the men were not honest with experts about their commitment to marriage. They said they were but their actions showed different. I have been married for 35 years; it takes commitment, honesty and communication. Your marriage is the top priority above all else and both people have to have the same priorities.

  16. No, I don’t think the show should continue. After what Jessica went through with Ryan, things are looking too dangerous!!!

  17. I would love to see a season 3. I started watching in Season 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it even though the marriages didn’t work out. A lot of marriages don’t work out when they’re not arranged. Please have a season 3.

  18. I ???? married @ 1st sight !!! Keep going!!!
    And a suggestion…( BTW…I’m 48 due to be 49 then the BIG 50…I’ve never been married…I would TOTALLY volunteer for this experiment!!!) You should do an alternate episode for a “older” couples and compare to see if “AGE” makes a difference because of more experiences??? Just a thought!

  19. From season one couples, I wondered why in the world Jamie was so set on Doug meeting her first love. Jamie is an RN (as I am), so I know she had to take psych classes. This preoccupation with those two meeting seemed slightly weird to me. Courtney and Jason seemed to do pretty well except for Coutney’s dogged belief that her occupation as a make-up artist was as important or meaningful as Jason being a firefighter/EMT/paramedic. Unless she was working on sick/injured people in a hospital setting after catastrophic health issues or injuries, well, I think you can figure it out. But I must say that the Season One couples seemed more rational than season two. Sean and Davina! Good gravy Marie! Sean, (again a nurse, friend of Season one Doug’s brother) what da hell are you thinking?? Getting involved after the last catastrophic relationship after you and Girl break up, she discovers she’s pregnant, then loses the pregnancy! Are you freakin’ crazy? Give yourself a rest guy! Davina, you may not be close to your family, but you really acted like a princess. Better you and Sean broke up, because it was wildly funny to watch you two admiring youselves in the mirror everyday! The other two couples: to quote Chris Walken on Saturday Night Live, “Wowie, wow wow wow!” What the hell kind of train wrecks were they? The girls seemed and I stress SEEMED ok, but Ryan De Nino scared the hell out of me. He always seemed wound up tighter than a two dollar watch. I wonder if the stress of this show just doesn’t bring out every single weird personality trait a person has because most of the time, none of these couples seem easy to be friends with, except Doug Hiener who seems to have his head screwed on right and tight. Good luck to them all!