Married at First Sight Season 3: Unsuccessful Season 2 Acts As a Dampener, Coelen Reveals 20,000 Applications And More News


Married at First Season 3 doesn’t seem to be happening after all. The reality television series that was started off as a social experiment hasn’t been able to become very successful. The first season saw a positive outcome, but the second season of Married at First Sight. All the couples who participated in Season 2 ended up separating.

Married at First Sight in Denmark and Australia have also seen similar fate with the couples not successful in continuing with their marriage after the end of the six weeks in the show. The reality television series brings in a pool of singles and then performs tests on them to understand their personality.

There is a panel consisting of expert psychologists who then team them up according to the results of the tests. The couples so paired, meet each other at the church on their wedding day where they are married to each other. The newly married couples are expected to live together as husband and wife for six weeks, after which they can choose to move on or continue living together.

Married at First Sight Season 2 couple Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart made the news because they chose to separate even before the two years tenure was over. Mirror UK reported Kate’s friends had found out Jason’s Tinder profile.

When Jason was interrogated about creating a profile on Tinder and supposedly cheating on Kate, his lawfully wedded wife, he said that he had not even consummated the marriage because he knew that Kate wasn’t going to continue being his wife.

Jason claimed that he spent more time interacting with the bartenders on his honeymoon to Ireland that with his wife. He said that he created the Tinder profile when he realized that things were not meant to be with Kate.

They are not the only couple from Married at First Sight who have made news. Season 2 contestant sRyan De Niro and Jessica Castro also separated after two years. This wasn’t where they stopped. Jessica went on to file a restraining order against De Niro because he had threatened to harm her and her family.

The fact that none of the second season couples are together, make it clear that Married at First Sight Season 3 isn’t going to see the light of the day. The show is based on the science that compatibility is something that can be predetermined and measured. This premise has, however, been negated by the failure of the marriages depicted on the show.

Viewers said that while compatibility can be determined by the panelists, the connection and the feelings that develop between two strangers cannot be measured or created. It is something natural and no amount of permutation and combination will be able to come up with the right combination.

AETV and FYI have still not released any promo for Married at First Sight Season 3 and by the looks of it the network isn’t very keen on bringing it back on screen.

Married At First Sight Season 3

Executive producer Chris Coelen has said that while the panel of expert relationship advisors and psychologists and draw up like-minded people, they cannot guarantee a successful relationship; that is something that the two individuals have to work on creating.

Coelen on explaining the selection process to People Magazine has said that the panel brings in participants from every geographical area possible, to create a bigger pool. The panel also visits bars, pubs, restaurants and other social hubs to find out what men and women want in their respective partners.


  1. I love the show and would like it to continue to be aired. It was the only show I looked forward to every Tuesday! I even got my daughters hooked on watching with me!! Bring on Season 3!!!!

  2. Not after the second US season. From start to finish it was a train wreck waiting to derail. Even attempts to create “feel good” moments fell flat on their face. I guess the reality that of this reality was too scripted and unreal.

    As for Seven Year Switch, what the heck is that supposed to be all about….setting troubled couples up for failure? Unhappy couples going on a 2 week vacation with a their ideal mate? No everyday problems or pressure, just a 2 week vacation. And this will improve their marriages? Again, too unreal to be realistic. It would probably improve their marriages if they went on a 2 week vacation with their spouse.

  3. I’d love to have the show back on. It was good show and after all still an experiment. They are so many variables to judge it upon just the result of the last show.

  4. Every knows that there is no guarantee when the season starts on how it will come out. That’s the odds and this time you got 3 men that were bummers. You had 3 great women, Just make sure that the men are not complete wusses or totally hostel and angry. And I am telling you this “Switch” thing doesn’t cut it. I have not watched one single episode of it. But If you do Married at first Sight 3. I GUARANTEE YOU I WILL WATCH EVERY EPISODE. While I like to see some that stay together, It does not matter to me. I JUST LIKE THE SHOW AND I LIKE THE EXPERTS. I promise that I don’t blame you!

  5. I hope the show comes back for season 3, I loved the first two seasons. Just because none of the season 2 couples stayed together doesn’t mean that the show failed, I feel that’s all part of the show – will they stay together or not? Please bring back season 3!

  6. Let’s bring back the show for at least one more try. I am hooked on the show as it was just an experiment and I reserved every Tuesday night for nothing else. I watched season 1 and would certainly be just as hooked on Season 3.