Mariah Had Warned Meri Against The Online Relationship In Sister Wives Season 7, Kody Plans On Taking New Younger Wives, And More


The popular reality series, Sister Wives, might be in trouble since TLC is not very keen on continuing with the show for another season. The show has seen a lot of controversy since the day it first aired and now when Sister Wives Season 7 is airing; there seems to be a rumor that Kody Brown is getting tired of all the drama surrounding his four sister wives.

Christian Today has reported that Kody is so tired of his four wives that he has decided to divorce them all and go ahead and marry two younger women and make then his new wives. There are rumors that Kody Brown wants to divorce his legal wife, Robyn as well his three spiritual wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine because they haven’t been supportive of him lately.

The rumor was fueled when a close friend of the Brown family, Kendra Pollard came out to state that Kody wants to take revenge on his four wives. Over the course of seven seasons, he has had to face a lot of drama because of their problems and he has had enough of it. Moreover, he feels that his wives are not supportive of him and hence wants to end his relation with them.

It looks like the four sister wives of Kody Brown are well aware of the situation. They know that Kody is courting two women already. One of the women that Kody Brown is dating happens to be their family friend by the name of Amber and the other is Robyn’s niece, Mindy Jessop, whom the viewers of Sister Wives seen babysitting some of the children in the Brown family.

It seems like this plan of Kody’s has been on the cards for a long time now. He has been supposedly looking for young women of between 19 and 20 years of age who would be interested in entering into a polygamous relationship with him. According to Hollywood Life, the viewers of Sister Wives Season 7 might get to see the two girls Kody is dating.

It looks like TLC doesn’t approve of this move on the part of Kody and are seriously considering axing the show after Sister Wives Season 7. This news hasn’t been confirmed or denied by either Kody or TLC.

There is speculation that TLC might have decided on ending the show after Season 7 because of the cat, fish incident that Meri faced. The incident has shaken up the whole family, nd they are going through counseling to overcome the situation.

Sister Wives Season 7

As it turned out, Meri’s catfisher was a hater of the Brown family, and she has been making things rather difficult for the whole family. The family came out in full support for Meri and had tried to help her out of the shocking episode, but things aren’t good for the whole family, and hence TLC is not very sure about proceeding with another season after Sister Wives Season 7.

Sister Wives Season 7 had started with the cat-fish episode that Meri had revealed in the finale of Season 6. Jackie Overton had catfished Meri pretending to be Sam Cooper and Sister Wives Season 7 threw light on the fact that Mariah, Meri’s daughter was well aware of what was happening and had tried to end the online relationship from the very beginning.


  1. Can anyone blame Kody? He’s dedicated his life to care for and provide for the four women. Christine, Janelle, Meri and Robyn have been disrespectful and have ganged up on him, poking fun of him even to his face. Now that the show has been cancelled it’s revenge time. Having two young wives who adore him will make his life blissful after what he’s been through with the ungrateful older original wives. He will always have his children, always be their proud father. Now he can have a fresh beginning and father more children. Polygamy was brought under a bad light by the original four wives and deserve their fate. Kody deserves to be happy.