Maps, Characters and Release Date Rumors of GTA 6, Will Osama Bin Laden Be Included In This Title? Let’s See


Sometime earlier, during one of his interviews, Leslie Benzies said that the idea of a vast world in Grand Theft Auto, spanning over different maps, is an idea that could turn into reality.  Lots of stuff has changed ever since Benzies said those words four years ago.

There is a 150 million dollar lawsuit standing between him and the company and he is no longer a part of Rockstar. The developers are yet to reveal any details involving the upcoming installment but we can safely assume that a big map featuring different locations is surely a possibility.

Meanwhile, an album was recently revealed by Canadian rapper Drake and a lot of GTA fans were pretty curious about the album artwork. The artwork on the album looks quite similar to one of the scenes from a Grand Theft Auto title.

Rest assured that this is probably not intentional and it was not made to look like a GTA loading screen. This thing got hyped to such an extent that memes were created by fans, regarding this GTA-inspired artwork for Drake’s latest album, Views.

A petition was also started from a fan who wished to see GTA-Drake collaboration in the future. The post ended up causing a great deal of confusion for quite a long time.

Earlier reports suggested that the upcoming game will have a female protagonist voiced by famous actress Eva Mendes. Right now, Drake is another celebrity who has been rumored to be involved with the upcoming game.

Popular speculations suggest that his songs will be featured in the upcoming GTA 6. There are also rumors talking about how GTA 6 will be much different from the previous installments since it will come with a lot of driving stunts, compared to driving adventures. Now, according to me, this just makes it a whole lot childish! Of course, GTA veterans should start expecting larger maps in the upcoming installment.

There is no exact location regarding the setting of this game but a lot of fan theories have emerged over the years. One of these rumors suggests that GTA 6 will be again set in America, similar to the previous installments.

The game is rumored to be released sometime in 2018 to 2020 after PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two is released. It is also expected that several new characters will be entering this franchise. At the same time, reports indicate that a known terrorist name will also be involved!

Now, a report from Tech Radar indicates that preliminary development for this sequel has already begun. According to the same source, Rockstar was considering Tokyo as a viable game location setting.

However, they were put off by the fact that the road systems in Tokyo are quite problematic and moreover, the franchise would be uprooted from America. Reports indicate that the developers were actually considering GTA Tokyo during the GTA Vice City era. However, they opted for the highly successful San Andreas setting.


Now, ever since then, the location has been fixed to United States. Is it possible that Rockstar will suddenly think about changing the location so drastically? Even though there are no concrete details, fans should start expecting a US-based theme.

The original Grand Theft Auto game had an expansion set in London. If the franchise returns to London, that would be really impressive but keep in mind that the entire GTA franchise is very much involved with the satirical US version and simply mocking American way of things. Besides car models and various brands needing change, changing the location would create a core shift in the franchise.


  1. Rockstar should think about putting in debit cards and credit cards in the game and get billed to not have to use cash GTA dollars to make it more realistic