Maddie Ziegler: Confirmed to Quit Dance Moms, Film Salary Revealed, Gets Major Acting Breaks!


With Abby Lee Miller out of Dance Moms, there were rumors floating that indicated Maddie Ziegler might not continue in Dance Moms for very long. International Business Times has reported that the rumors might actually be true and that Maddie Ziegler might indeed leave Dance Moms to focus on her acting career.

From getting paid $2,000 per episode for Lifetimes’ Dance Moms, Maddie Ziegler got paid $20,000 for her role in The Book of Henry. Maddie Ziegler’s salary details were leaked on the internet and it shows very clearly that the 13-year-old would readily want to leave the Lifetime show and focus on the big bucks in the Hollywood movie industry.

The lack of interest in Maddie Ziegler could be made out very clearly. Maddie Ziegler is known as a star performer at Dance Moms, didn’t seem very interested in performing when she returned to Season 6. She was more interested in the Seventeen Magazine’s photoshoot and didn’t mind losing out to newcomer Brynn Rumfallo.

ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller was having a tough time with the legal battle when her favorite student Maddie Ziegler decides to come back after her movie schedule. Everyone had hoped that Maddie’s win would help Abby Lee Miller get into better mood, but Maddie Ziegler has had enough of her Dance Moms days and didn’t seem focused.

She could have easily won against Brynn Rumfallo, but the win didn’t mean much to her and she was more focused on how the photo shoot would go. Seventeen Magazine wanted to do a cover on Maddie Ziegler, as well as a fashion spread based on her.

They also gave two other girls the opportunity to pose with Maddie for the magazine and this announcement saw the mothers pushing their daughters to get picked.With Maddie Ziegler losing to Brynn Rumfallo there was a lot of trouble. The mothers didn’t like Brynn’s mother Ashlee.

The other girls and their mothers felt that with Maddie Ziegler out of the picture, the girls who were previously a part of ALDC should enjoy the attention, but didn’t happen that way. Brynn Rumfallo has stolen the spot-light and there’s major trouble ahead in Dance Moms Season 6.

Entertainment Tonight has reported that Maddie Ziegler and her mother Melissa Gisoni will leave Dance Moms after Season 6. Maddie’s younger sister Mackenzie will also be leaving the show with them. This might be the very last season when the viewers of Dance Moms Season 6 will get to see the Ziegler sister and their mother.

Maddie Ziegler had already made her name as a dancer in Dance Moms and in Sia. She even landed a small role in Pretty Little Liars, but then came her big break. She got to star in Colin Trevorrow’s The Book of Henry along with actors like Naomi Watts, Sarah Silverman, Jacob Tremblay, Dean Norris, Jaeden Lieberher, Lee Pace and Bobby Moynihan to name a few.

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler has landed quite a meaty role in The Book of Henry since she is set to play the role of Jaeden’s Henry’s love interest. The two will be attracted to each other and it will up to Naomi Watts to keep the two apart.

Maddie Ziegler had once shared that she wants to be a triple threat in the industry. The 13-year-old has already made a mark as a phenomenal dancer and now she is slowly getting noted for her acting skills as well.


  1. So we’re supposed to believe she can act and sing now? Not from what I’ve seen. Big case of paid publicity and emperor having no clothes with this girl. She was never actually the best dancer on Dance Moms either from what I saw. So overrated and overexposed right now. Meanwhile actual brilliant dancers such as Sophia Lucia, Autumn Miller, and Brynn Rumfallo lose out on opportunities. Haven’t seen such a puffed up little career based on so little in at least twenty years.

  2. So sad to see such arrogance, and so sad to see MacKenzie dragged along as an afterthought when I find her to be prettier and more compelling and multitalented. How many times can Maddie win just by dragging her hand along her face with a wistful look in a lyrical routine. BTDT and its OLD!

  3. My goodness, so much vitriol aimed at a 13 year old. I’ve watched “Dance Moms” from the beginning and have always been impressed with Maddie’s tireless work ethic and the resulting grace and skill she consistently exhibits in her dance routines. I am not surprised that she caught the attention of industry watchdogs who have offered her the new opportunities to showcase her talents and spread her wings. Not only has Maddie met their expectations, but she has graciously shared the wealth with her fellow dancers. I, for one, am rooting for Maddie to accomplish her goals and have her dreams come true.

  4. Madison Nichole Zingler u are an amazing dancer. Abby always yells at u guys but don’t let those things get in your way i love u go and follow your dreams and go and do what ever u want.

  5. Maddie is simply, expressively, AWESOME. Give this kid a break from the negative. She has blossomed far beyond the control of ALDC, and has shown her potential as being the Next Big Thing to watch. Dance Moms will die out soon, But this kid is a keeper!

  6. I pegged Maddie Ziegler as a STAR with that “IT” factor from the first time I watched Dance moms 6 years ago! I ran in and got my mother and said,”Look at this little girl, she is going to be a huge star!”.. She just has it, she is a polished dancer a gorgeous girl with a unique and beautiful face and a great dancer’s body. She is a natural. I have been in the bussiness my whole life and I have seen it all. I am a dancer-actress-model and i know what it takes. My days are winding down and it is so fun to watch the next generation of artists come into there own. I am so thrilled for Maddie! She needs to strike now, while she’s hot, and ride this as long as she can. It is a short career, so she needs to enjoy every little second. Go Maddie!