Maddie Ziegler: Back In Dance Moms, Will Leave After Season 6, Stars In A New Video, Abby Lee Jealous Of Her? Let’s See


Maddie Ziegler will be back in Dance Moms Season 6. The 13 year old dancer had been shooting for The Book of Henry, but is now done with her schedule and hence will be back to where she belongs. While she and the rest of the cast members are very happy to have Maddie Ziegler back, her coach Abby Lee Miller doesn’t look very happy about it.

Maddie Ziegler had been back in episode 6, but she was only there to perform in a competition, which she didn’t win and then got busy with her shoot for Seventeen Magazine shoot. Maddie will be back for good in episode 8 of Dance Moms and it will be titled Maddie is Back.

Inquisitr has reported that supposedly Abby Lee Miller isn’t happy to see Maddie Ziegler back in ALDC and everyone will be noticing this change in her behavior. She has always been very vocal about how much she loved Maddie Ziegler and that she was her star student. It is believed that Abby Lee Miller is jealous of Maddie Ziegler’s fame and she had even refused to watch her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The mother has all confronted Abby Lee Miller asking why she wouldn’t watch Maddie Ziegler’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres and when they asked if she was jealous of her, Abby Lee Miller looked shocked and confused and refused to say anything.

It is believed that Abby Lee Miller isn’t pleased with the fact that Maddie Ziegler was way from the show for so long and is going to be very hard on her. The little girl will also have a tough time learning the new routine and this will not go down well with Abby Lee Miller. She is going to repeatedly tell her that she is in Dance Moms now and will have to focus on the things at hand.

Abby Lee Miller is also not very pleased with the fact that her star dancer didn’t really feel sorry about the fact that she couldn’t win against new comer Brynn Rumfallo at the last competition in episode. Everyone was shocked with the fact that Brynn Rumfallo could easily defeat Maddie Ziegler, while the latter didn’t think it was weird and was more interested in what she would have to do for the Seventeen Magazine’s shoot.

This incident was seen as a perfect opportunity for her daughter, Brynn Rumfallo. Her mother, Ashlee Allen is already trying to make Abby Lee Miller replace Maddie Ziegler with Brynn. Brynn Rumfallo has already made a mark of herself and she has been winning all the dance competitions for ALDC.

Maddie Ziegler

This isn’t going down well with the mothers of the other dancers. There was an issue where JoJo Siwa’s mother complained that Abby Lee had placed Brynn very close to JoJo, which hampered her performance on stage.

Instead of apologizing, Abby came down hard on the poor girl since she should have been more vocal about the issue.

There are reports confirming that Maddie Ziegler will not be coming back to Dance Moms after the end of Season 6. She has realized that there is a world out there, outside the reality television and she wants to focus on the bigger picture. If this happens, one of the other girls are going to take the lead from her and this is what Ashlee Allen had been campaigning for so hard.


  1. No,I don’t want Maddie to leave she is my #1person that I love
    I don’t know what Abby is jealous of Maddie through all the seasons she always use to brag about how good she is!! She is a beautiful gracefully dancer but abby did brag about her to make the other girls feel bad. But if she leaves that means that Mackenzie and Melissa are going to be off the show. I’m so sad????????????????????. Why???The good thing is I might see all the cast of dance moms because my sister got a appointment with them????????