Mackenzie Has A Tiff With Abby Lee Miller, Miller Seeks Permission From The Court To Travel, Seems Angry With Gisoni And Her Girls For Leaving!


Mackenzie Ziegler hadn’t been seeing the favorable side of her ALDC coach, Abby Lee Miller in the recent episodes of Dance Moms Season 6. While Abby Lee Miller was assigning the roles for the next week’s solo dance competition, she ended up giving Mackenzie Ziegler a gymnastic routine, even though she is very good in hip hop. Abby Lee Miller ended up giving Brynn Rumfallo a hip hop number and this didn’t go down well with Mackenzie Ziegler.

She decided to talk to Abby Lee Miller and get what she deserved. Abby Lee Miller felt offended that someone would dare to question her decision.

She stormed out of the dance room and went inside her office. Yahoo! TV reported that the mothers had tried to reason with Abby Lee Miller and make her understand, but she screamed at them and said that the ALDC wasn’t run by the mothers.

Mackenzie refused to back down. She knows that she is very good in hip hop and there was no reason for Abby Lee Miller giving her a safe gymnastic routine for the competition. Abby Lee Miller doesn’t seem very happy with the fact that her star student, Maddie Ziegler, her sister, Mackenzie Ziegler and mother, Melissa Gisoni will be leaving Dance Moms after Season 6 and hence she might be giving them routines that won’t let them get the winning position.

Melissa Gisoni had recently announced that she and her daughters will be leaving Dance Moms. The whole cast of Dance Moms had been heartbroken with the news. Abby Lee Miller had been training Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler, since they were little kids. She is obviously sad to see the two girls leaving ALDC, but it now looks like her emotions are turning to anger.

She has already been upset with the fact that Maddie Ziegler isn’t interested in dance anymore. This news, along with her legal issues has pushed her to the edge.

Fashion & Style reported that according to Jessalyn Siwa, Abby Lee Miller seems to be slowly falling apart. The cast members can see Abby Lee Miller being mean to Melissa and her two daughters, since they will be leaving ALDC.

The general sentiment is that Abby Lee Miller has gone mad and everyone is very nervous about the treatment she is going to mete out to Melissa Gisoni, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. Melissa tries to talk to Abby Lee Miller, but the latter flips out and asks her to leave the room and slams the door on her face.

Melissa Gisoni has had enough of drama from Abby Lee Miller. She has already made her decision to leave the show since she didn’t want the instructor to mess up her daughters’ dance career. Miller hasn’t been very focused as a dance instructor and has been skipping classes and competitions, lately.

Abby Lee Miller

When Abby purposely refused to give Mackenzie a hip hop routine, she had expected her to follow the instructions. However, much to Abby Lee Miller’s surprise, Mackenzie learns a hip hop routine from another dance instructor and ends up winning the Xpression Dance Competition.

Abby had said that she wouldn’t be allowed to perform at the competition of she didn’t do the solo routine, but Mackenzie refuses to buckle down to pressure and goes ahead to perform a hip hop routine at the dance competition that was filmed in February.


  1. I am very disappoited in Melissa and her girls we have followed them since little Tots but boy I can see why Abby is going round the twist with those mothers and Melissa forgets how much she and her daughters owe Abby I would say everything but when her kids became household names alls forgotten by Melissa TYPICAL Ungrateful thats how so many people are these days Abby has her faults but she knows what shes doing one day those kids will thank her I hope you made the biggest mistake Evr Melissa you changed and not for the better

  2. Abby Lee Miller is a child abuser. She should be grateful for the success the girls and mothers have given her. Remember the show title is Dance Moms not crazy, moody, bi-polar Dance Teacher.