Luke Hemmings: Spotted In LA with Mystery Girl, Michael Clifford Seems To Have a New Girlfriend, And More Details!


It seems like Luke Hemmings is soon going to come clean about his new girlfriend. While this news is sure to break a million hearts, the true fans are cheering him on and trying to find out everything possible about the mystery girl.

On September 19th 5 Seconds of Summer lead singer was spotted coming out of The Nice Guy Lounge in West Hollywood, with a brunette. The pair was accompanied by Ashton Irwin and his girlfriend Bryana Holly in what onlookers say was obviously a double date.

Luke Hemmings girlfriend’s supposed name is Arzaylea. This isn’t confirmed to be her real name, but this is the name she follows on the social media. Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea were seen coming out of the popular nightclub holding hands. Daily Mail has reported that the real name of the mysterious brunette is yet to come out.

The media has been in a tizzy since Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings were seen holding hands in public. 5 Seconds of Summer had a strict no girlfriend policy, which Ashton went ahead and broke when he started dating Bryana.

There were speculations that with the no girlfriend clause out of the picture, the other band members are going to soon follow Ashton Irwin and by the looks of it, Luke Hemmings seems to have walked down that path already.

Hollywood Take has reported that Arzaylea has been frequently spotted with the 5 Seconds of Summer in their tours and she is a huge fan of the band and particularly Luke Hemmings. According to the Inquisitr, Luke Hemmings’ mystery girlfriend seems to be a close friend of Ashton’s girlfriend Bryana, as the two have been spotted together at the concerts of 5SOS.

Fans are desperate to know what is developing between the two. Luke Hemmings hasn’t yet come out to talk about any developments, but they have been quite open about knowing each other publicly in the social media.

Arzaylea has shared of photo of herself on Instagram, where she is wearing Luke’s t-shirt and Luke has already started following Arzaylea on Twitter. This is enough information for some fans to be confirmed that Luke Hemmings is dating her.

Kpopstarz reported that Luke Hemmings had recently revealed how his ideal girlfriend would be. He had said that the girl should be good friends to his other band mates and should get along well with the band. Luke had even joked that it is hard to find a girl who will end up liking all the three of them, but by the way Arzaylea has been interacting with the band, it looks like she likes them all.

Arzaylea has been very active on the band’s group and has even addressed rumors about her and Luke Hemmings. She comments on photos and even shares her favorite songs and moments from the tours she has been to.

Luke Hemmings

The word doing the rounds in the internet is that Arzaylea is from L.A and her father is supposedly the owner of Tune Headphones and has been in the music industry since she was only 8 years old, which explains how she knows the boys from 5SOS.

Luke Hemmings has been mum about the new girl in his life. However, fans are hoping that he will come clean about it now that the two have seen holding hands. The photo that was released of the couple, show them holding hands. Luke is dressed in skinny jeans and black denim jacket, while Arzaylea is sporting her midrib in a singlet and matching leather jacket with a pair of ankle boots in grey.


  1. Can I clear things up? The ‘pretty girl’ who was with Mikey in the car is Ashton’s ‘girlfriend’ Bryana Holly. They went together to the Foo Fighters concert with Ashton, Calum, and a member of Hey Violet!

  2. Seriously Dayherald!!! “While this news is sure to break a million hearts, the true fans are cheering him on”- Dayherald… Just who do you think you are to tell people whether they are true fans or not! Just because they don’t particularly like her, and they don’t have to, it’s a free world, free will, doesn’t mean they’re not true fans!! Like you would even know!! Everyone’s entitled to their opinion! Doesn’t make them any less of a true fan! Put that in your article!

  3. Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!I hate both of them(bryana and arzaleya), that bitches!!!!!!!They deserves better persons!!!!Those mad girls just messing around them.