Luke Hemmings Speaks His Heart Out, Confesses to Have Changed and That He Has to Make an Effort to Be with His Old Friends!


Luke Hemmings and the other members of 5 Seconds of Summer are on their second tour Sounds Good Feels Good. The tour started in Japan and will see the boys travel all over the world in the next eight months and finally end in Australia after performances in South East Asia, Europe, Central America, USA and Canada.

Luke Hemmings had revealed that he is taken and that he is very much with the brunette that the whole world had been linking him with. Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings had met at a rather boring party and they got along very well after bonding over their mutual love for music.

The two had first been spotted in West Hollywood’s The Nice Guy where they were on a double date with Ashton Irwin and his then girlfriend Bryana Holly. The media has been speculating about the couple since that very day; and while Arzaylea was more forthcoming, Luke Hemmings was complete tight lipped about the whole relationship.

Things, however, took a turn for the worse when the whole 5 Seconds of Summer fandom turned against Arzaylea. They attacked her on the social media and called her a liar and an attention seeker.

Arzaylea had always been very open to sharing photos of herself and Luke Hemmings on her social media pages and the fans felt that she was rubbing the fact that she was with Luke Hemmings.

Since it was just Arzaylea who seemed to be talking about the relationship, some of the fans felt that Arzaylea was just another fan who was lying about her relationship with Luke Hemmings.

Some fans even came out in the open and stated that Arzaylea had an issue with Luke Hemmings getting too friendly with the fans. In one instance she supposedly asked the security at a pub to escort the fan out because she had gotten too close to Luke Hemmings.

Luke Hemmings had been absolutely quiet about the whole issue, but he realised that things were getting out of hand. He realised the importance of Arzaylea in his life as well as the importance that the fans had in his career and he decided to make matters clear.

Luke Hemmings took Arzaylea to the Rolling Stone interview that he was scheduled to attend and made it public that he was with her. He said that it was a tough call since he was in a dilemma to keep it a secret and also make it public.

He credited Arzaylea for helping him open up. He said that he wouldn’t have opened up in the public about his personal affairs, but a year in the industry has taught him how to deal with such situations.

Luke Hemmings

Arzaylea on her part has tried to make matters better with the 5SOS fandom. Hollywood Take reported that Arzaylea has come out to apologise to the fans and ask them to forgive her.

She said that she is a normal girl who just happens to be dating someone who isn’t very normal. He said that she isn’t someone who is with Luke Hemmings for the sake of fame and fortune because her father is in the music industry.


  1. OK I forgive Arzaylea for all the unnecessary trouble that she’s caused both for The 5SOS Fandom and The 5SOS Boys Themselves but I swear to God if Arzaylea ends up in the wrong again at any point I will not forgive her for a very long time and she’ll be very sorry to The 5SOS Fandom and The 5SOS Boys Themselves. OK You’re Forgiven Arzaylea I will respect you from now on while you’re with A Really Nice, Kind , Caring and Sweet and Respectable Guy like Luke Hemmings as long as I know that you’re taking your time in your Relationship with Luke Hemmings and that you care about him and you love and respect him that’s all that matters to The 5SOS Fandom and The 5SOS Boys Themselves especially Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings. So Arzaylea can you please just apologize to Ashton Irwin for whatever you did or said to him then hopefully you’ll get along better with Ashton Irwin and his 5SOS Band Mates. I’ll be extremely grateful. Thank You Arzaylea. Holly Devenney-Seriously Obsessed 5SOS Fan