Luke Hemmings: Rumor About Arzaylea, 5SOS Talks About Their New Song, And More


Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea seem to have ended their relationship. This speculation started after 5 Seconds of Summer front man was spotted out on dinner with Alec Baldwin’s niece Hailey Baldwin. They were spotted at New York’s Cipriani Restaurant enjoying a quiet meal.

This news came at the same time as the tape where Arzaylea was reportedly making out with Luke Hemmings. Hollywood Take has reported that the video is from the All Time Low Concert where Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea were spotted together at the balcony.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea were spotted making out with each other by the onlookers. There was a point where Arzaylea had leaned over Luke Hemmings and had pecked him on his cheeks and the 5SOS front man returned it with a kiss on her lips.

The news of Luke Hemmings cheating on Arzaylea was fanned by posts that Arzaylea had been making on her social media accounts. Unreality TV announced that Luke Hemmings had broken up with Arzaylea after it was revealed that she had kissed his band mate Michael Clifford.

While Arzaylea had not denied any comments stating that she and Luke Hemmings have indeed parted ways, did come out to clarify that she hasn’t kissed Luke Hemmings’ bandmate Michael Clifford. This shows that maybe things have indeed gone bad between the two love birds.

Arzaylea, who has been very public on the social media about her relationship with Luke Hemmings, has shared posts where she seems to be addressing Luke Hemmings and writes that he might not have invited her for the American Music Awards, but she did end up going there on her own.

This throws light on the fact that Luke Hemmings, who had performed at the AMA with his bandmates, didn’t ask Arzaylea to be his date for the special occasion. There are reports that one of Luke Hemmings’ fans have a video of Arzaylea at the American Music Awards where she confesses that Luke Hemmings has indeed dumped her.

Hollywood Take has now reported that the rumors about Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings breaking up are all false. This is because the two of them were spotted leaving The Nice Guy in Los Angeles after having dinner with a bunch of their friends.

This was the same place where the two of them were spotted together after they had dinner with Luke Hemmings’ 5 Seconds of Summer band mate Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly.

Ashton Irwin was the first one in the band who broke the no-girlfriend clause and started dating Bryana Holly. The couple have, however, broken up with each other citing that they were finding it difficult to continue their relationship given the hectic schedule.

Even though the two were spotted together with their mutual friends, there was no intimacy or PDA between Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea. This might indicate that the two are still together and there is nothing wrong with them.

Luke Hemmings

However, the Luke Hemmings fandom doesn’t want things to work out between him and Arzaylea. There is some sort of an anti-Arzaylea feel among his fans. This might be because some of them are jealous of her since she is his girlfriend, while others feel that Arzaylea is not good enough of him.

There have been instances when she has been reportedly cheating on Luke Hemmings. This rumor got momentum after Arzaylea shared a Snapchat of herself in bed with a stranger beside her. The Snapchat was captioned Okay Bear and the fans were shocked to realize that the boy beside her wasn’t Luke Hemmings since he had tattoos on his hand.


  1. Luke Hemmings wants his life private for a reason. If he wants you know if he is or not in a relaxation ship he’ll let you know. And Luke hemming fans or 5sauce fans if you’re truly fans you’d be happy. Yea the hottie has a gf so what? It’s not like he’s getting married and leaving 5sos. And yea she’s gergous. He can date. It’s his life. Why should he die alone? He deserves love. I hate people who are jealous of them. Stop spreading rumors trying to brake them up. It won’t work. They’re happy. He seems happy. If he’s in love he’s Inlove. You can’t control love. What’s not to like about Luke? I get that. You picture you with him. So does thousands of people even his gf. hEs got everything, looks, Abs, gergous smile, cute laugh, hair is perfect, eyes are glowing beauty and he has muscles, he’s funny, he’s smart, he can sing, he’s Australian, he’s friendly, he’s romantic. I am a huge Luke Hemmings fan. But I support what ever he does. It’s his life not mine. I can do is sit back and hope whatever happens he’s happy. Because his happiness makes my happiness.

  2. Yeah I agree with Fariha Arzaylea doesn’t deserve Luke so why did he have to make such a stupid decision about dating an attention B * I * T *C *H.

  3. I hate this relationship going on with secrecy going on Flip Off Would You unless you want to be faced with hate and criticism from The 5SOS Fandom.