Luke Hemmings Reveals That 5SOS Has Fights, Talks about Their Upcoming Album and Romances, More News


5 Seconds of Summer came to the limelight when they opened a concert for On Direction. Since then there’s been no turning back for the four boys. The boys are out on their very first tour called ‘Rock Out with Your Socks Out’.

Luke Hemmings has spoken in an interview recently about the new book 5 Seconds of Summer and stuff and has revealed that the boys might be coming together as a unit on stage, but they too have their own differences and problems. They fight and have disagreements, but they tend to keep everything away when they go up on stage to create music.

Luke Hemmings spoke about this issue while highlighting how important it is for the members of a band to form a cohesive unit. The band members are together for the major portion of their time and they have to be the best of friends since it is going to get tough if the people that they have to hang out with are not someone that they like.

The 5SOS member revealed that the boys have the worst of fights when they have to create music for the band. Since each of the boys is equally talented and good in their art, they have a lot of ego clashes during the ideating process.

Luke Hemmings believes that these sessions where the boys fight are what helps them to create good music. It is because they push each other to come with the best that the songs that 5 Seconds of Summer create are so popular. The fights and the ego clashes that the band has helps them avoid mediocrity.

The boys have had problems even on their latest tour, but they never let that come out in the public. They know that their primary aim is to create good music and the moment they set foot on the stage, they forget everything and come together to perform for the fans.

The boys have been on tour for over a year and they are realizing that things aren’t as easy as they had perceived them to be. The boys have been having issues with each other and one of their fights almost put their tour on peril, but they realized soon enough what the bigger picture was and came out of it.

5 Seconds of Summer is currently working on their second album Sounds Good Feels Good. They have already released the first song ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ which has won a lot of accolades from the fans.

Luke Hemmings

Talking to Notion Magazine about their upcoming album Luke Hemmings said that with 5 Seconds of Summer being in the music business for four and a half years they have experienced a lot of things.

‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ deals with the experiences that the boys have had since their foray into the world of music. It talks about love and heartbreaks and shows how 5 Seconds of Summer has grown over the years.


  1. i was born in the wrong time because I was born in 03 when I feel I should have been born in 98,anyways I can’t wait for their SECOND album I’m so proud of every one in 5sause I love them idiotic boys and some for their stupidity