Luke Hemmings Pushes Away Girlfriend Issue, Talks About Louis Tomlinson and Has Grown a Beard!


5 Seconds of Summer band member Luke Hemmings is the most popular face of the Australian band. Luke Hemmings has a huge fan following and is the centre of all controversies and gossips surrounding the band.

5 Seconds of Summer is currently touring Canada and North America where they are performing their Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour. The band recently performed at Louisville and it looks like the boy band and their fans thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Have you noticed something different in 5 Seconds of Summer recently? It looks like the boys have given up shaving and are trying to grow a mean looking beard to look manly. Michael Clifford was the first one to share a photo of himself with a beard and it caused quite a huge uproar in the media with the fans loving the look.

Michael Clifford shared a photo of him with a beard and captioned in Beard Life. With his beard, piercing and dyed hair, Clifford is surely inching towards becoming a full grown rock star. Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer and especially the fans of Luke Hemmings will be happy to know that even he has shared a photo of himself donning a beard.

Luke Hemmings is known for his boyish charm, but he sure knows how to rock a beard and the fans are not complaining because he sure looks good in them. Luke Hemmings seemed to be peeved for some reason because he had tweeted about taking away the bag privileges of those who keep their luggage on their seats.

The front man of 5 Seconds of Summer cheered up after the performance at Louisville and shared a photo of him sporting a beard and singing. He tagged his fellow beard-mate Michael Clifford and wrote #beardlyfbuddies.

5 Seconds of Summer released their latest single She’s Kinda Hot a month back and they have finally released the video for the track on the 3rd of August. The addictive track has been given a great animated video that has the charm of the 90s and early 2000s.

Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte had penned down the music video and it is bang on for the music that the boys have created. The video has already become a huge hit among the 5SOS fans and they can’t seem to drool over the little quirky inputs of the video.

There is a purple and yellow cat, lazily strolling while the members of the band chill and then he jumps to land inside a kiddie pool. Luke Hemmings says that his girlfriend screams at him because he is always sleeping, but says that she is kinda hot.

The boys seem to be in a dilemma about their relationship and the conformity to society. However, it all ends well when the boys create a band mobile and get it to a suburban locality to organise an impromptu party.

She’s Kinda Hot has already got over millions of views after being released in July and with the music video launched, the views are only going to go up. 5 Seconds of Summer hasn’t announced the release date for their new album, but fans are hoping that it soon happens.

Luke Hemmings

The first album by 5 Seconds of Summer topped the charts in Canada, Australia, Europe, UK and the US. Released in June 2014, the album has already sold 800,000 copies worldwide.

The members of 5 Seconds of Summer had made it very clear that they had a no-girlfriend policy, but drummer boy Ashton Irwin recently revealed that he had gotten himself a girl. Luke Hemmings being the cynosure of all fans couldn’t escape very long since Aleisha McDonald was brought into the picture.


  1. Aleisha has a boyfriend now I think she might be over Luke and good for him for pushing away drama he doesn’t want

  2. If Luke hemmings don’t want to have a girlfriend it luke hemmings reason by he does want a girlfriend issue

  3. No one needs to talk about Lukes love life he has a right to keep that to himself and no one needs to say he needs a girlfriend to be a real man or anything like that because is doing good on his own so if LUKE don’t have a girlfriend then don’t ask questions about it . sorry so mean about it but really I bet half the people that say Luke should have a girlfriend probably don’t have one ethier so no tell Luke what to do but his mom and dad its Lukes life not are’s.lov woo xoxo LUKE hemmings . if wanna hear more I’m on Facebook

  4. Luke can make his own decisions i might be heart broken if he does but he needs to be happy and he can choose what he wants to do in life i love Luke so much he means the world to me but i think he just wants to focus on the thing he loves and thats music and being a band but you dont need to have a girlfriend or boyfriend to make you happy like for example 5SOS makes me happy!!!!!!!