Luke Hemmings: Opens Up About Dating Arzaylea, She Apologises To The Fans!


Luke Hemmings had his personal life on display in the past couple of weeks with Arzaylea sharing intimate photos of the two on the social media and the fans lashing out at her.

There were reports circulating in the social media that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are on the verge of a break up, while some also poked fun at Arzaylea because Luke Hemmings has never come out to state that he is officially in a relationship with her.

However, the fans were completely shut up when Luke Hemmings confessed to dating the 21 year old Arzaylea in a recent interview with Rolling Stones. The 5 Seconds of Summer frontman agreed to being in a relationship with the brunette and broke a million hearts. There were fans who were secretly wishing that Luke Hemmings was still single.

Rumors about Luke and Arzaylea started circulating when the two of them were spotted coming out of The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. They were holding hands and were on what looked like a double date with Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly, who were together at that time.

Arzaylea had been very public on the social media and has always been sharing photos of the two cozying up, but Luke Hemmings on his part maintained his silence. However, after what looked like a major lash out against Arzaylea on the social media, Luke realized that he will have to make things work out and hence decided to end his silence.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea were seated together during the Rolling Stones interview and according to Movie News Guide, the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were holding hands and the reporter also spotted Arzaylea rubbing Hemmings’ leg during the interview.

Luke Hemmings informed Rolling Stones that he had met Arzaylea at a rather boring party a few months back. The two had become good friends since they had the same taste in music. The two had then started dating and had been very strong since. They denied all the rumors about Arzaylea cheating on Luke and vice versa.

Luke Hemmings might be very popular on the social media, but his girlfriend doesn’t enjoy the same position. Arzaylea was blamed for sharing intimate photos of her and Luke on the social media and the fans attacked her stating that she was trying to make the fans feel bad and gain publicity.

This result in a lot of verbal lashing on the social media and there were many fans of 5 Seconds of Summer who stopped following Luke. The brunette has always had a tough time with Luke’s fans and she took to the social media to pour her heart and mend things with the 5 Seconds of Summer fans.

Luke Hemmings

Arzaylea posted on her Instagram account stating that she doesn’t want to list all the wrong things that she has done in her life, she knows what they are and is working hard to accept the mistake and learn from them.

She added that she doesn’t want the 5 Seconds of Summer fans to hate her and she doesn’t want to be the reason why the whole fandom that the band had is coming apart. She said that she is only 21 years old and very similar to the other fans that 5 Seconds of Summer has and since she is young, she is bound to make mistakes.


  1. A lot of people were saying the rolling stone article was fake and even Lukes dad said it was too. Like the boys in the article were very disrespectful towards people and I doubt any of that stuff is true.