Luke Hemmings: Intimate Photos Circulating, Fans Angry with Arzaylea and Feel Luke Should Come Clean!


Luke Hemmings is still with Arzaylea, but things aren’t looking that well between his fans and him. The whole Luke Hemmings fandom is very angry with the fact that Arzaylea is trying to rub it on their face that she is in a relationship with Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer.

There was a lot of speculation that Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings have broken up since she had uploaded a Snapchat showing another guy in bed with her and he was spotted hanging out with Hailey Baldwin, but then those were just rumors and nothing more.

Arzaylea had never enjoyed a lot of popularity with the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer and now she is out to prove to them that all the excitement about Luke Hemmings being single weren’t for real and that she is still the lucky girl in his life.

Arzaylea had always been active on the social media and keeps sharing photos and updates about Luke Hemmings and 5 Seconds of Summer. Since she happens to be the girlfriend of the most famous band member of 5SOS, she is even more hated by the fans.

A whole lot of Luke Hemmings’ personal photos have been circulating in the media and fans are mad at Arzaylea for rubbing the fact that Luke Hemmings is dating her, on their face. The photos show Luke Hemmings in some very candid manner. One of them has him staring at his phone, while the others are more personal.

One of the photos has Luke Hemmings lying down on the bed while talking on the phone and there is a female hand pinching his cheeks and pulling his nose. The third one has Luke Hemmings biting on what looks like Arzaylea’s cheeks playfully.

While the fans love to see Luke Hemmings’ photos they are upset at Arzaylea for sharing the personal and intimate photos since they make them realize that Luke Hemmings is happy with a girl and is in a relationship. This means that he isn’t single and breaks a million hearts.

While Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings, have neither confirmed that the photos have been shared by them, fans believe that it was Arzaylea because she wanted to flaunt her relationship. Also the fans of Luke Hemmings have spoken out about the fact that she is breaching his trust and making his private life very public.

There are some fans who believe that Arzaylea is doing this to move the fans away from Luke Hemmings. She isn’t very comfortable with the fact that Luke Hemmings is so close to his fans and always encourage them to come near him when he is out in the public.

There was a concert in Blackbear where Arzaylea had supposedly called security to make a fan move away from Luke Hemmings. The fan shared the incident with the other followers on social media.

Luke Hemmings

She said that she had approached Luke Hemmings to ask him to follow her friend on Twitter. The girl said that since Luke Hemmings couldn’t hear her over the noise, she had typed her friend’s name on Luke Hemmings’ Twitter account when he handed over his phone to her and he had followed her.

However, Arzaylea got jealous about the fact that the fan was getting so close to Luke Hemmings and informed security to ask her to leave Luke Hemmings alone and also to leave the venue. The security said that they don’t want the other people at the venue to find out that Luke Hemmings was there and hence they didn’t want people crowding near him.


  1. 5 Seconds of Summer are the most unprofessional band I have EVER seen, when they can’t be arsed to change out of their pyjamas for an Australian music industry awards night where they might have possibly won an industry award said to me that this band are literally a joke so really their comments in Rolling Stone don’t come as a surprise to me.

  2. Hi sorry about that story that arzaylea girl and Luke hemmings I just want to say that thank me I am not angry at both of them even I like Luke hemmings and five sos and I know they like each other !!! But then I said to my self that I’m going to give them a lot of chances togehter as a couple ( I am just 10years old) to know that when I’m in this age or eny body in this age will get angry because there a fan of Luke hemmings!! But me no so I like it when they are togher☺????☺????????????????????