Luke Hemmings Face-Swaps with Joshua Peck, 5SOS Performs In-front of A Packed House in Paris, Defends Girlfriend Arzaylea from Haters!


Luke Hemmings is a singer and rhythm guitarist who was born on July 16, 1996. He is a part of the band 5 Seconds of Summer. Hemmings is the list vocalist of the band which consists of other members who are- Calum Hood and Michael Clifford.

All three members of the band had attended the same college that is the Norwest Christian College. Ashton Irwin is part of the popular band too.

The young singer is currently in the news for face swapping his own face with Joshua Peck who is a part of Drake and Josh. Apparently, the duo met in the previous year and since then reports of their budding “bromance” have been doing rounds on the internet.

It is a known fact that Hemmings is a huge fan of Drake and Josh and just in the previous month, Josh started following Luke on Twitter after the latter literally begged him to do so. Hemmings made use of the face-swap feature of Snapchat and swapped his own face for Joshua’s.

He made a small video with the swapped face in which he could be heard voicing some lines from Drake and Josh. Apparently, it is a tribute from Hemmings to Peck for following him on Twitter.

Joshua Peck retorted in an equally quirky way by face-swapping his face for Hemmings’. He too made a small video after doing so and in he could be heard singing She’s Kinda Hot, which is one of the renowned songs of 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS).

In other news, 5SOS recently put up a brilliant performance on the Accor Hotel Arena Stage in Paris, France. The show was completely sold out. Bryana Holly and Arzaylea, the girlfriends of Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings respectively were in France too during the band’s performance there.

They had set foot in Paris, earlier in the ongoing week and after doing so, both of them have been sharing photos of themselves on social media. However, none of the images showed them together with their boyfriends.

It looks like they were trying to prevent the turn the whole thing into a media frenzy. However, during the tour, Luke and Arzaylea were once seen walking around Paris together. Luke was spotted with Ashton too in Paris and the duo even posted pictures of themselves on social media.

It has been three months since 5SOS set out on this particular musical tour and the band is currently in Europe. They will reportedly be doing 66 more shows after the one in Paris. Belgium is going to the next location of their next show. After that, they will be heading towards Amsterdam.

Luke’s lip-ring has been a trademark piece of jewelry that he has been known to wear for a long time. However, the latest reports suggest that he might not be wearing it anymore in the future. Fans have always loved the lip-ring on Hemmings and thus, this news has definitely become the reason of disappointment for many.

He was reportedly enquired about his lip-ring on social media by a fan. Hemmings replied by stating- “My lip ring fell out when I was drunk and I couldn’t be bothered to get it re-done, sorry”. It looks like that the young singer won’t be re-piercing his lip for the ring.

Luke Hemmings

Just in the recent past, Arzaylea came under a lot of heat from Hemmings’ fans who blamed her for a late appearance of Hemmings for a concert in Japan. The concert in question was held in Tokyo and during it, Hemmings came in 10 minutes late than the scheduled time.

His girlfriend was with him during the tour and fans started blaming her for this later arrival. A particular fan had reportedly made some serious allegations against Arzaylea. Arzaylea has been very calm and composed regarding the whole matter.


  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Luke Hemmings very funny but your cute tricks won’t get round me seriously Hemmings grow up you’re nearly 20 for Goodness Sake! And I agree that all this negativity must be exhausting and we wish that The world would relax and just chill with the negativity and the hate towards You And Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings by the way I really like Arzaylea now.