Luke Hemmings Comes Down to Visit Arzaylea in Between World Tour, Fans Still Not Happy with Her, Calls The Boys His Support System!


Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are being very open about their relationship these days. Luke Hemmings had wanted to keep this aspect of his life private, but it didn’t seem to go well for them.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea were spotted together for the first time outside The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. The two have revealed that they had met at the 18th birthday bash of Kylie Jenner and became good friends.

Ever since Luke Hemmings had been spotted with Arzaylea there have been rumors that the two of them were dating and that the front-man of the 5 Seconds of Summer has been taken. Luke Hemmings had been completely mum about the affair and it was only Arzaylea who shared some photos of the members from the band and Luke Hemmings on the social media.

Given the fact that Luke Hemmings is a very popular guy, there was a lot of hatred for Arzaylea who kept sharing photos of him and with him. Matters finally got out of hand when Arzaylea shared some personal photos of the two and the whole fandom turned against her.

They called her a social climber and said that she wasn’t with Luke Hemmings because she loved him, she was rather with him since it gives her a way to become popular. Arzaylea’s past was dug out and she was called a liar since Luke Hemmings hadn’t for once come out to state that he was in a relationship.

This was when Luke Hemmings that things were getting serious and he had to stand up for the girl he was dating. He went for an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and decided to take Arzaylea with him. He informed the whole world that he was with her and that he tried to keep things low, but ultimately matters went out of hand.

Arzaylea has asked for forgiveness from the whole fandom of 5 Seconds of Summer and has said that she had never meant to come in between them and the boys. She said that she was just a normal girl who had fallen for a popular guy. While some of the fans accepted her apology and are in favor of Luke Hemmings and her, there are many who still don’t trust her and feel that Luke Hemmings could have done better.

Luke Hemmings, however, is clearly happy with her and would want to stick around. Luke was on tour when a fresh array of attack was addressed at Arzaylea. The fans brought out things from her past and said that she was responsible for making Luke Hemmings late for a rehearsal when she had visited him in Japan.

Luke Hemmings wanted to cheer her up and let the fans know that he isn’t budging from her side. He had an off for a few days and immediately flew down to L.A to spend some time with her. THE two went shopping and then on a date where they were both looking great.

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings and the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer are on their world tour. They will be on the road for eight months. They started the Sounds Live, Feels Live tour with Japan and have been having a successful tour.

The media reports from the locations that they are performing in have given them great reviews. The boys have always been connecting with the fans with special interactive sessions and video logs from their journey.


  1. I Accept That Luke Hemmings is Happy with Arzaylea and I think that it’s totally fine. Because Luke Hemmings really needs an eye kept on him and the boys. So Can’t The Fandom Accept That Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are happy together eh?

  2. I accept the fact that Luke and Arzaylea are together, and I don’t hate on her for the stuff she’s done. I don’t want to act like I am an expert at something that is none of my business. However, Arzaylea did do things in the past, and while she is trying to move away from it, I just don’t think I can forgive her for disrespecting the fandom and tearing us apart.