Luke Hemmings Calls 5SOS Band Members His Support System, Says True Friends Remain Forever, Arzaylea Apologizes to Fans!


Luke Hemmings and the other boys from 5 Seconds of Summer have always maintained that in order to have a successful band it is important to develop strong bonds between the members. In fact, this is something that comes easy once you start living your life with the same people every day.

Luke Hemmings said that he has found very good friends in Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford. He said that the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer are not just this friends, they are his support system as well. The best thing about the band is that they help each other to persevere and improve, a support system that he would have never got had he decided to be a solo artist.

Luke Hemmings is touring the world with 5 Seconds of Summer for their Sounds Good Feels Good tour. The band is currently in South East Asia and they are having a very successful tour. Young Post sat down with Luke Hemmings and it was revealed that he has become wary of people after being under the public eye for so long.

Luke Hemmings said that now that they are famous, everyone wants to associate with them and he has become very skeptical about them. He always tries to understand what the person concerned since it is hard to find genuine people when one is famous.

Movie News Guide reported that Luke Hemmings still has old friends back in Australia and he often goes back home to spend time with them. However, he has realized who his true friends are since they have continued to be with it in spite of him being so distant and busy. Luke Hemmings added that true friends stay while the rest leave.

UnrealityTV has reported that Luke Hemmings has trouble going back home and being with people he has grown up with since he has changed and he has to make an effort to be with them and things don’t come to him naturally.

He also stated that while he loves touring with 5 Seconds of Summer and making music, it does get difficult sometimes and whenever he has free time, he does thing like a normal individual and opens up his eyes to the world.

Luke Hemmings and his girlfriend, Arzaylea had started dating last year and amidst all the rumors about them having broken up, they are still going strong. It was first reported that Arzaylea will not be joining 5SOS on their tour around the world and will be there with the band only when they tour USA. However, it looks like Arzaylea was missing Luke Hemmings since she went to Tokyo to cheer the boys and shared a lot of pictures from the concert.

Luke Hemmings

This move might come across a sweet gesture, wasn’t particularly liked by the fans of Luke Hemmings since they feel that Arzaylea was the one responsible for Luke Hemmings being late for one of the rehearsals. Arzaylea has never been liked by the fans of 5SOS and they have previously gone ahead to attack her on the social media.

They have called her a liar for claiming that she is in a relationship with Luke Hemmings since he had never commented on dating someone and this was what triggered Luke Hemmings’ decision to reveal to the world that he was indeed with Arzaylea, as she had been claiming.


  1. Ok I am supporting both Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea dating now because they have been playing that game of keeping it a secret for almost a year now What Arzaylea did going to SLFL in Tokyo, Japan to cheer Luke Hemmings up because he was missing her I think what Arzaylea did was really sweet considerate and respectful and Kind towards Luke Hemmings so if Luke Hemmings is Happy then I’m Happy and Luke Hemmings is right Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford are really good Friends to Luke Hemmings I can see that they still do choose to hang out together after another busy day of work honestly Luke Hemmings is a really sweet, considerate, kind and Hard-Working Guy I have ever known even though I have never met Luke Hemmings personally but I hope that all changes next month in April 2016 in Belfast, Northern Ireland at SLFL.