Luke Hemmings Asks Fans to Stop Spreading Negativity, Seen as A Way to Stop Fans Dissing Arzaylea!


It’s no new news that the fans of Luke Hemmings and 5 Seconds of Summer do not like Arzaylea. Ever since Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have been spotted on a double date with Ashton Irwin and his now ex-girlfriend, Bryana Holly, the fans have been targeting Arzaylea quite frequently on the social media.

Arzaylea had gone on record to ask the fans to forgive her if she had hurt their feelings, but things didn’t change. They ended up calling her a liar, which forced Luke Hemmings to acknowledge his relationship with the girl.

He had always been a very private person, allowing Arzaylea to post their photos, but the fans had called Arzaylea a liar since Luke Hemmings would never acknowledge being in a relationship while she hinted at it.

Ever since Luke Hemmings had let the world know that she was his girlfriend, the fans seem to have become more hostile towards Arzaylea. They have come out to bring her past into the picture and have openly made it evident that Luke Hemmings could have found someone better.

The fans of 5 Seconds of Summer also had an issue with Arzaylea going to Japan to support the boys in their world tour. They even attributed Luke Hemmings’ being late for rehearsal to some drama that Arzaylea might have created. Luke Hemmings spent some time with the poor girl when they a break for a few days and showed the world that he was with his girlfriend no matter what they said.

With the rate at which the fans have been posting negative things about Arzaylea on the social media, Luke Hemmings has come out to speak on the issue. Luke Hemmings didn’t state anything directly. He simply asked his fans to stop all the negativity since there was already a lot of negativity in the world and even sent a funny image where he sent some positive vibes to the fans.

The 5 Seconds of Summer front-man remained as positive as he could about the whole issue. He didn’t antagonize the fans and also tried to protect his girlfriend. The Bustle reported that Luke Hemmings supposedly sent direct messages to a fan who had sent a good part of the day trashing Arzaylea and asked her to stop being so rude.

The fan has come out with screenshot claiming that Luke Hemmings had asked her to stop being rude to Arzaylea and had gone ahead to say that the fan was being offensive and an awful human being.

It is easy to see why Luke Hemmings personally contacted the fan. To see the world lash out against someone they do not know is both hurtful and wrong. None of the fans know Arzaylea on a personal level and they do not have the right to target her and say awful things about her all over the social media.

Arzaylea had herself written to the fans on her Instagram post that the fans have come out to make her appear like a horrible person, but that isn’t true. She is just a regular girl like all of them, who happens to be in love with a popular rock star.

Luke Hemmings

There have been reports claiming that Arzaylea is with Luke Hemmings for the social status she enjoys and Arzaylea had made it very clear that she is part of his circle thanks to her father, who is the partner in a record company.

This isn’t the only drama that has been surrounding Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea. There have been rumors about a fan of Luke Hemmings spotting Arzaylea flirting with a guy at a bar.


  1. Guys can we all just accept Arzaylea because if we don’t stop being nasty to Arzaylea then both her and Luke Hemmings will be upset, angry, furious, outraged and frustrated at us and the last thing the 5SOS Fandom needs is for Luke Hemmings to stop talking to us all so unless you want that to happen then just accept Arzaylea because we can’t hate her forever or it will cause even more drama for us, Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea.

  2. ikr. I completely agree with you.. we can’t judge Arzaylea based on the opinions of others, if my idol is in love with this girl then she’s gotta be special and I respect that. How would you feel if someone constantly kept hating you for going out with someone you love? Luke cares for his fans, imagine how much hurt he is going through rn because of the fan’s behavior. Doesn’t he have the right to date someone he loves? Since when did he sign up for his love life to be dictated by the fans? We just have to accept Arzaylea even though it might not sit right with us, please don’t hurt Luke. I beg all of you haters!!!!