Luke Hemmings: Arzaylea Blamed For Hemmings’ Being Late, Meets The Mini 5SOS, On Tour In Japan!


Luke Hemmings and the other members of 5 Seconds of Summer are currently on tour in Asia and they started the Asia leg of their tour with a performance in Nagoya, Japan. They will head to Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, North America, Central American, before ending their tour in Australia. The tour is going to be a rather long one and will continue for almost eight months.

While living in Japan, the band was surprised to meet with their mini versions. There is supposedly a Mini 5SOS who are mini versions of Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford.

The boys were very excited to see the cute Japanese quartet take the stage and perform their most popular track, She’s Kinda Hot. The crowd was cheering the little kids and the boys told MTV that it was fun watching their younger version perform.

There was a lot of speculation about whether Luke Hemmings will take his girlfriend Arzaylea for the long tour that the members of 5 Seconds of Summer will be embarking on. It was reported that Arzaylea will not be accompanying him for the whole tour and will be there with the band when they tour North America.

However, Australia Network reported that there seemed to be some problem between the boys since Luke Hemmings had come on stage almost 10 minutes late when they were at Tokyo and this delay has been attributed to Arzaylea. There hasn’t been any official statement on this though.

Fashion & Style has reported that even though Arzaylea wasn’t supposed to be present with the band for their Sounds Good Looks Good tour, she did join them in the last minute. She has been sharing Snapchats and uploading photos on her Instagram account that indicate that she is in Japan.

Fans are not very happy with this news since there are reports suggesting that she has been causing a lot of drama for the band. The fans who paid extra for the sound check got ot watch the band during their rehearsal and even got to enjoy a question answer session with them. They weren’t very happy to see that Luke Hemmings was late and they blamed Arzaylea for the tardiness.

Arzaylea has faced the brunt of the fans in the past as well. She had shared rather intimate photos of herself with Luke Hemmings and the fans had lashed out at her for rubbing on their face that she was with the 5SOS front-man.

Fans have also complained that Arzaylea isn’t very keen on Luke Hemmings being close to any of his fans. 5 Seconds of Summer has always kept a very transparent relationship with their fans and are known to talk to them even in the public. Arzaylea supposedly had an issue with the girls surrounding Luke Hemmings and had made the security ask the fans to leave the venue on one occasion.

Luke Hemmings

Arzaylea’s behavior had resulted in several fans unfollowing 5 Seconds of Summer on the social media. They had called her a liar since Luke Hemmings hadn’t ever come out in the public about dating her and this was seen as a warning sign by the singer and he came clean about the fact that he was indeed dating Arzaylea.

He went for a Rolling Stone interview with her in tow and revealed to the world that he was indeed with Arzaylea. The two had met at a rather boring party and had hit it off immediately. Arzyalea had impressed Luke Hemmings with her choice in music and from then on they had become friends and subsequently started dating.


  1. I’m not happy at all by what’s going on between Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea does she never get tired of ruining things for us 5SOS Fans and using Luke Hemmings for Fame and Publicity and Money I hope to God She Doesn’t Ruin The Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dublin, Ireland Tour Dates for Us in Northern Ireland and Ireland by showing up with Luke Hemmings In Fact I Hope She Doesn’t Come To Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dublin, Ireland at all to keep continue keeping Luke Hemmings late for Soundcheck and The 5SOS Concerts in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dublin, Ireland.