Luke Hemmings: 5SOS Wins Billboard Award, Luke Hemmings Cheating On Arzaylea with Hailey Baldwin? Let’s See!


5 Seconds of Summer had completed their world tour, Rock Out with Your Socks Out, on September and it was a great experience for the band and their fans alike. The Australian band has sure come a long way since they first opened for One Direction last year. In spite of One Direction being the number one boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer has surely made a name for themselves in the world music platform.

The boys have proven their critics, time and again that they are here to stay. They couldn’t have said it louder than getting the award for being the best band under 21. 5 Seconds of Summer recently won the Hottest 21 Under 21 award from Billboard and have sent out a message that the band is here to stay and create good music.

Design and Trend revealed that One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer haven’t been keeping in touch very frequently. Now before you can jump to conclusion about a feud having erupted between them, let us make it clear that the two boy bands haven’t been in touch because of their super hectic schedule.

Even though One Direction helped them come into the music industry, the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer haven’t been able to keep in touch with the boys from One Direction. The band members from these two bands have always been cordial with each other and have often stood up from each other in times of crisis.

Luke Hemmings and the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer did get a congratulatory message from one Direction’s Harry Styles after they won the Billboard award. 5SOS have made it very clear to Daily Mail that they do not intend to call the boys from One Direction to perform for any of their stage performances since they are sure that One Direction has already made a mark for themselves and do not need such invites.

The members of 5SOS have already tasted how popularity can be. Luke Hemmings, the frontman of 5 Seconds of Summer recently got mobbed by fans outside a café in a Sydney. He was spotted looking low key in an ordinary white shirt and black skinny jeans. He happily obliged fans and signed autographs and took photos with them.

According to Sugarscape, 5 Seconds of Summer sat down for an interview with BBC Radio 1 when the discussion turned towards Luke Hemmings’ new bearded look. Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood all joked about the beard that Luke Hemmings has sprouted, when Luke jokingly said that he loves his beard and that he was a Viking.

Now weknew that Luke Hemmings is a lot of things amongst being talented, but we never knew that he was also a Viking. Luke Hemmings is no ordinary Viking; to quote Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemming is a Swedish Viking.

Luke Hemmings

BBC Radio 1 asked the members of 5 Seconds of Summer to advice their former selves and the boys told their younger selves to practice the guitar more regularly and to absolutely stop wearing purple colored hats because it isn’t cool.

Calum Hood said that if he had a chance to go back then he would practice the different instruments better, while Luke Hemmings said that he would try and become friends with the other band mates faster than the previous time.


  1. I don’t believe that Luke would ever do that. I mean, he didn’t ever clear up that they were dating and could just be good friends and that picture of him and Arzaleya could have just been caught at the wrong moment? Maybe he was about to whisper something to her. As of Hailey, we can’t just assume that they’re dating because they went out and ate. If they haven’t cleared it out themselves, we don’t know if it’s true. So don’t jump to bad conclusions. Think positively.