Longmire Season 5: Will Walt End With Vic Or Donna? Longmire Days Convention Being Organized!


Now that Longmire Season 5 has been confirmed by Netflix, the fans are excited about the plot that will be dealt with in the upcoming season. The fans are starting to get a little hyper about what is on with the show since there are hardly any updates on the fifth season.

To pacify the viewers, the official Facebook page of Longmire Season 5 posted a photo of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Vic Moretti (Katee Sacckloff) standing and talking with the caption, asking what the viewers’ think would be the fate of the characters in the upcoming season.

The successful series has been based on a novel of the same name where Walt Longmire and Vic have a relationship. However, the series have made the character of Vic Moretti very young as compared to that of Longmire and this negates the possibility of the two being in a relationship. Vic is almost young enough to be Longmire’s daughter.

The fans of Longmire, had been very varied in their opinion. Some went on to hope that Longmire and Vic have a romantic angle in Season 5, while others have pointed out that there cannot be anything romantic between the two of them since they do not share ay chemistry, while others have pointed out the obvious, that the two have an age difference where Vic is almost like Longmire’s daughter.

Season 4 of Longmire had shown that Longmire was ready to settle down with someone after having come to terms with his wife’s murder. While he had initially thought of taking things forward with Vic, he finally decided to settle down with Dr. Donna Monaghan (Ally Walker).

The fourth season showed that Vic was trying to make things work with her estranged husband and hence it can be said that Season 5 will show the development in Longmire’s relationship with Donna.

While no official announcement has been made, fans have been speculating about Donna. Some feel that she might be working with Walter Browning (Callum Keith Rennie). The Season 4 finale of Longmire Season 5 shows someone breaking into Longmire’s house while he and Donna settle down to have some quality time with each other.

There is already a lot of speculation as to who is that has broken to Longmire’s house and with Walter absent from his hospital bed, it looks like he is involved with the break in. However, it wouldn’t have been possible for Walter to find out the exact location of Longmire and hence there is a chance that he is working closely with Donna.

Longmire Season 5

There is a motive for Walter to go after Longmire, since he had intervened with his plans in the past. The other people who are suspected to have enough reason to break into Longmire’s house are Jacob Nightrose, Monte, Sam Poteet and Zachary.

Netflix had given the series a new lease of life after it was cancelled by A&E. A&E didn’t have any complains with the TRP of the series since it was very popular with the viewers. The network decided to cancel the show since the target audience for the show was more mature than what the advertisers would want them to be.


  1. In Canada we never got to see episode 4, here we are watching repeats of episode 3 so we never got to see where Branch was Killed, but I guess it was his dad, it left off where Branch had figured out it was his dad that had Walts wife murdered.
    Even with Netflix we do not get the same shows or movies as you do in the USA, here the CRTC regulates what we can and cannot watch even though I pay a $100.00 a month for satalite TV.In Canada Lonmire is on a channel called aptn which is an aborational channel, this is the only show I watch as I feel that most of the other shows are crap, and god forbide yes I am over 40.