Longmire Season 5: Set to Have One Hour Long Episodes, Script Under Development, Rumors Surface!


The fans of Longmire are happy these days. The show that was once cancelled by A&E is now enjoying a great run in Netflix. A&E were disappointed with the viewership of the show and decided to cancel it after the third year.

Upon hearing about the cancellation of the popular show, the fans were very worried, but Netflix came to their rescue and renewed Longmire for the fourth season.

Longmire Season 4 ended with a huge cliffhanger and while fans were worried if the series is going to be renewed for the next season, Netflix revealed that it would indeed by renewing the show for another season and this got the fans super happy.

Longmire Season 4 had ended with a cliffhanger that showed an intruder entering the home of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor). Walt was relaxing after a long day with his new partner Dr. Donna Sue Monahan (Ally Walker) when the viewers see someone entering the house.

The scene ended with Walt repeating if one ever feels like they have created more evil than they have prevented and this hints at the fact that there is major trouble coming Walt’s way.

As Christian Post reported, the very fact that Longmire Season 4 ended with a cliffhanger even before the showrunners knew that the show would be renewed for another season shows the kind of faith they have in their work and their dedication.

Cindy Holland, the content head of Netflix had mentioned that she has never seen a more dedicated team than those working for Longmire. The whole team headed by Greer Shepherd and John Coveny were moved to tears when Longmire was picked up by Netflix and this was a first in her career.

The actors of Longmire, especially Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays the role of Henry Standing Bear in the series spoke to Variety and said that Netflix is a good place for the show to be in. Unlike A&E, Netflix allows more space for the show-runner.

Netflix has also provided another reason for the fans to be happy. The network has announced that from Longmire Season 5, each episode will have an additional 20 minutes. This means that instead of being constrained to 42 minutes, the episode will touch the one-hour mark, thereby giving the story and characters to develop better.

With Longmire Season 5 scheduled for release next year, the writers have started work on the script already. Tony Tost posted on Twitter that he has finished watching Longmire Season 4 and is completely charged up to head to the writer’s room and start work on the upcoming season.

Given the way Season 4 ended, there are chances that the writers have already foreseen the script for Season 5 of Longmire and will not take much time to wrap up the script so that the shooting for the new episode can start.

Gospel Herald has reported that there are rumors of a crossover between Criminal Minds and Longmire. The assumption is being made on the fact that both the series have similar story lines and principles.

Longmire Season 5

While Longmire profiles the criminals with the help of his friends and daughter, the team at FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit does the profiling with their smart team work.

With the two teams coming together to solve a crime, there is going to be a heady mix of two very different ways of trying to figure out the identity of the culprit. The fans are waiting for this rumor to be revealed as a fact, but it is turning out to be a long wait.


  1. Longmire Season 4 had hour long episodes. It really allowed for greater plot development and characterization. This was one of the best seasons for the show. I have watched it a second time now.

  2. My wife and I were disappointed that Longmire was dropped then by chance I saw it on Netflix! We are elated and we watched the whole 4th season in 2 days. We are looking forward to the new season!

  3. I am very disappointed that this series can only be seen on Netflix,..I would greatly appreciate
    if this could be brought back on regular TV,..I have direct TV and can’t get Netflix on Direct TV,..I am asking that this be put back on A&E or the encore channel or somewhere,..Thank You

  4. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy Longmire. Before we found Longmire, we didn’t watch many TV shows on Netflix, but now we have discovered a few other Netflix TV series we also like. Great acting, good writing and beautiful landscapes make Longmire a winner. Eagerly waiting for the 5th season.