Longmire Season 5: Renewed by Netflix, Will Have Longer Episodes, Rumored to Crossover with Criminal Minds!


Longmire Season 5 is on and it is only because the fans have supported it all throughout its run. The show had a target audience of older viewers, but this did not stop its popularity from slipping. The network might not have been very happy with the TRP, but Netflix was happy to pick it and since then it has not looked back.

Netflix picked the show up after it was cancelled by A&E. Longmire was cancelled by Warner Horizon Television in August, 2014 and it offered other networks to buy it from them and finally it was Netflix that went ahead and bought the rights from A&E on November, 2014.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Longmire was the second most watched show on A&E. In spite of enjoying good TRP, the network wasn’t happy with the show that was based on the novels written by Craig Johnson.

A&E complained that Longmire enjoyed a viewership whose average age was 60 and this wasn’t approved of by the advertisers who had tie-ups with the network for their products. They catered to a younger demographics and since they weren’t being able to sell the show’s slot to the advertisers, they had to cancel it.

Netflix started screening Longmire from its fourth season. Season 4 of Longmire saw Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), the sheriff of Wyoming on the trail of his wife’s murderers. Unlike networks that reveal that TRP that a particular show is enjoying, Netflix doesn’t reveal its viewership.

Netflix posted on their official Facebook page that Longmire will be renewed for the fifth season. From the likes and shares that the post received, it can be presumed that Longmire enjoys good viewership.

The western crime drama is very different from the other crime dramas that are on in different networks, but since its first episode, it has slowly gathered an audience of its own with its story and acting.

In the July held Summer TCA Tour, Longmire cast member Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays the role of Henry Standing Bear said that the show found a new lease of life in Netflix. Lou Diamond also added that given the kind of popularity that Longmire is enjoying, there are chances that the show is going to get longer episodes when it returns with Season 5 in September next year.

Diamond said that the previous episodes were only of 42 minutes, which saw most of the scenes with the minor characters were edited out. With an additional 20 minutes to fall back on, Longmire Season 5 will have more scope for the characters to be developed since they will not have to hurry to bring the episode to a closure.

Speaking of Netflix being happy with Longmire, VC Post reported that Cindy Holland, the Content Head of Netflix Original had herself said that they are extremely happy with the way the western drama has been panning out and they are excited to come across fans who have encouraged their decision of picking up this crime drama.

Longmire Season 5

Holland added that when the Netflix team met up with the producers of Longmire, they were moved to tears seeing the passion that they shared for the series.

Given the popularity that Walt Longmire enjoys, there is a chance that Longmire Season 5 might see a crossover. Christian Post has come out to report that there is a possibility of a crossover that will see Walt from the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI from CBS’s popular show Criminal Minds.


  1. I am excited to see this series go further. I like the shows and the family oriented atmosphere that it portrays. I like the way it is out of bustling city life to rural area that we don’t see a lot of shows on. Will look forward to seeing it mix with Criminal Minds ones of my top favorite that I watch on a regular basis. Keep up the great work.

  2. I don’t know which Longmire fans you surveyed about that rumored “crossover” with Criminal Minds, but THIS Longmire fan is dead-set against it!

  3. My husband and I love this show. We can’t get enough of it. We particularly like watching without commercials.

  4. No crossovers needed; LONGMIRE is a great show all on its own, with its many diverse characters and story lines…please…NO CROSSOVERS

  5. Longmire is the reason I subscribe to Netflix . i am so happy that it is coming back on. There is nothing else on the other channels and It is a very good show. Even the kids can watch it,

  6. I am relieved to hear that Longmire will have a season 5. With the ending we had last year it made me think season 5 might not happen. To have Criminal Minds crossover with Longmire it would need a reason for them to come there. So it is possible if Longmire gets a criminal that Criminal Minds usually handle. He is not tech savy at all but his rough cowboy style is what keeps us coming back for more. We don’t care if he has a phone or computer.

  7. No cross over, please. Keep Walt and his team “old school”. If it ain’t broke, don’t try ro fix it.

  8. I would love to see the crossover. They did this with Bones and Sleepy Hollow and it extremely affected. My concern is that Netflix and CBS will have to consider the “entertainment” value and not so much who is in control or receives the revenue ~ if they is a stipulation for networks 🙂

  9. Noooooooooooooo! I love the Western, whose villains have quirky, but sometimes understandable issues. I can no longer watch Criminal Minds, whose sickos are just plain sick, and filled with EVIL, besides…..Please don’t ruin Longmire! Craig Johnson cannot be in favor of this!

  10. Please do NOT ruin Longmire. Don’t change it into anything other than what it is. No modernization, no quirky anything that will change the show from what it is. We like it as it is! Thank you!

  11. #LongLiveLongmire. Would love to see crossover of Longmire and Criminal Minds. Two of my favorite shows. Have a serial killer come into Absaroka county, where Walt and the gang have to work criminal minds gang. Make it a two part series that starts with killings in Denver and follows over into Longmire.

  12. I have watched Longmire since the very first episode, and i really hated to lose it to Netflix however i do watch on Netflix for Longmire. And also, I am not 60 years old, I just happen to love this show because of the setting of locations and Lou diamond Phillips is a plus. I am only in my mid 40’s. But I would gladly watch a crossover between Criminal Minds and Longmire. I think it would be highly entertaining watching Rossi and Longmire have words…lol!!!!

  13. I just started watching Longmire when I got my new Roko 4. Like a good
    book that you can’t put down, Longmire kept me watching both day and
    night. “Sorry I can’t talk right now, I’m watching Longmire. Where has
    Robert Taylor been all my life? What a great actor and they must have
    hand picked the rest of the cast. When I finished my marathon watching
    I said more! more! Kudos to Netfix for picking it up. They know a good
    quality show when they see it. Shame on the network that dropped it.
    I’m an old gal but Robert Taylor can put his boots under my bed anytime!

  14. So glad that Netflix saw Longmire as a show that is worthy of a Season 5. The fans have stood by Longmire and it paid off. Glad that Netflix isn’t as concerned with the demographics of the fans as A&E was. Longmire’s storylines and acting is top notch. Not real sure about a Criminal Minds crossover, but if it happens, Longmire will still be one of the best shows on Netflix.

  15. I love Longmire just the way it is. Don’t like the idea of a crossover. Don’t ruin this great series.

  16. Longmire is hands down my favorite program. I am over 60 and am sorry A&E fnds us such old foggies it did not renew this outstanding program. thank you Netflix for not having a low opinion of the Seniors group. We still have a mind and know a good program when we see one. too bad A&E I will not be watching your station any longer.

  17. I have Netflix so I can watch Longmire. A&E was stupid to cancel the show! They say the viewers were over 60? I am no where close to that age. It its my favorite show same with my wife and our 4 children… It’s nice to be able to sit down with the family and not have to worry about some type of sick behavior or questionable lifestyle choices forced on our kids like all the other crap on tv and especially out of all the Greeks in Hollywood… I’ll keep Netflix as long as they keep shows like Longmire…

  18. Couldn’t be happier about seeing Longmire being picked up for another season. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Netflix!

  19. I watched it when it was on A & E and I’m so thrilled that Netflix picked it up. I just finished watching all 10 shows and am totally blown away by the acting, the scenery and the story line. I really don’t care about “longer” shows but I’d LOVE more than 10 episodes. I’m going to have to watch season 4 again ’cause it’s going to be a long wait until season 5 is ready!

  20. My husband and I have gotten hooked on Longmire and hope it runs for a very long time.I like the who done it and love the characters.

  21. Not to sound like a broken record but I subscribed to NETFLIX ONLY because of Longmire. I do NOT like the idea of the crossover. I started watching Criminal Minds and I really liked the show but as the years progressed, the more EVIL, sick minded the shows became. In my opinion, this is the breaking down of humanity in that these story lines BREAK down sensitivity and create a subliminal message of “it is normal” to want to watch blood and guts, explicit sex deviation and serial cruel murder plots. I remember when TV showed dare devil shows and preceded the showing with “DO NOT ATTEMPT” Stuntman professionals performed in this action. Even commercials about new automobiles and trucks had the warnings. I feel the popularity of shows like LONGMIRE prove that good story lines do NOT need sensational desensitizing plots to be popular. The actors, the story lines, the very real human every day lives of the characters makes this a show for everyone to enjoy. Please do NOT spoil a good thing.

  22. My initial feeling is not to do it. The cast of Criminal Minds is excellent, but the stories are so twisted and gruesome, with an element of hopelessness because of the depth of insane evil involved. Crime on Longmire has a logic to it, it’s an expression of people-things that we can understand even when it is “bad”. I guess as long as the writers of Criminal Minds were not allowed to interfere with the writers of Longmire, maybe the former could learn something from the latter: it is possible to write an excellent crime story 1) without evil always winning, and 2) where even criminals have some humanity.

  23. I love Longmire. Cast, Setting, low tech. perfect. To me it is the modern day Gunsmoke. Would love to see it run as long as Gunsmoke has run. This is by far the best series out today. I would say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but if the writing is good enough, it could work. Just keep the characters true to who they are. Keep Longmire and his crew in the lead. Longmire is much better than Criminal Minds. I watch both, and no contest, Longmire is the better of the two. No contest. Longmire will help Criminal Minds more than Criminal Minds will help Longmire. Love it, Love it, Love it.

  24. Move over Gibbs welcome Longmire, tough yet gentle, cultured, tidy and gorgeous. Beautiful hands, beautiful heart every woman’s dream……………….

  25. My wife and I are in our 40’s and love the show so much that post on our social network pages to entice all of our friends and family to get on the Longmire bandwagon. So happy to watch another season. Let’s keep it going!

  26. ???????? Having longer episodes is GREAT NEWS!!! BUT… We need more than 10 episodes per season. It’s just too long a wait between seasons. The withdrawal pains are so sever it could cause a major heart attack!!! JUST SAYING……???? ????????????????????

  27. I love Longmire but also love Criminal Minds, it would be very interesting to see a cross over with these two shows.

  28. We enjoy Longmire. It is a good show. Most shows on tv are not as interesting as Longmire.The cast and the involvement of the Indians and the (Res.) bring out a new type of entertainment. When Branch was the cliff hanger in 2014,it left everyone wanting to know what happens to Branch? I liked the volley between Walt and Branch. For most watcher it was a devastating blow when he was killed off.
    However there was plenty of interesting characters left. I never understood why there was no young people in the cast. Vic could have a teenage niece or nephew fall on hard times and rely on vic. Maybe Ferg could have siblings. Netflix keep up the good programming. Longmire is a winner.

  29. Love the show did not watch when on a&e. I marathon thru all 4 seasons when it was picked up by Netflix. Loved it loved it cant wait for the other seasons. Don’t change a thing. Just keep it coming !

  30. I’ve loved this show since it came out. Walt is the “man!” His right hand man (woman) is very sexy and plays a good part. Lou Diamond Phillips has always been a favorite of mine…”La Bamba” I hope it comes out soon!

  31. Love Longmire just the way it is. Just finished season 4 . Be so glad when 5 is shown. Thank you Netflix

  32. so happy to hear there will be a season 5…what ever keeps the show going gets my vote!!! Love this program!!!

  33. My husband & I loved Longmire. We could watch it every night. We thrill to the beautiful scenery, the authentic characters, the great casting, the tension between cultures. When we flew to Houston for my brother’s surgery, we all talked politics and Longmire. I was surprised that it was my brother’s and sisters’ favorite show too. He and his wife are attorneys immersed in court drama. An hour of Longmire recharges the battery. 4 professionals across 4 states praising its appeal. It was the only thing we watched on Netflix. We once enjoyed Criminal Minds but it has crossed over to the dark side and leaves you feeling mankind is perverted. Thanks so much for renewing but Please don’t pollute and make it like the other crime fighters.