Longmire Season 5: Plot Revealed, Premieres on September 27, 2016!


Longmire Season 5 is on its way, but like we mentioned earlier, Netflix has announced that they plan on pulling the plug on the show at the end of the upcoming season. However, this plays a positive role towards the storyline.

Longmire fans will agree on the point that after Walter Longmire executed Barlow Connally for murdering his wife and Branch in Season 4, the series felt like it was dragging till the finale. With the storyline finally to an end, maybe the writers will have something innovative to pen down, considering the sudden appearance of a deadline.

Longmire Season 5 will also feature hour long episodes instead of the 42-minute cap that was in place so far. Apart from the additional running time, the series will also feature additional episodes in the upcoming Season 5.

Longmire was supposed to last till season 4, as A&E did not renew the fifth season on time.However, the fans made sure that Walter Longmire and his team of Deputy Sheriffs came back for a fifth season, before bidding adieu!

The makers claimed that due to the persistence of the fans on social media, the teamhas agreed to return and with a bang! We might not be aware of what’s cooking on the sets, but can assure you that the makers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the fans are delighted. Good news, no less!

Lou Diamond Phillip, who characterizes Henry Standing Bear, Walter Longmire – characterized by Robert Taylor’s – best friend, recently spoke to an eminent tabloid last month and revealed the change in the schedule that is about to take place.

This is great news for the supporting cast, as additional time means that the writer and director will have more time to focus on the background of the other characters as well. Lou said that with a time cap of 42 minutes, many scenes depicting the supporting cast had to be removed, but with an additional 20 minutes, such scenes will have to be broadcasted.

Hence, don’t be surprised if any of the episodes focus on Cady Longmire or Henry’s background in Season 5. Another interesting theory that has popped up recently claims that Longmire Season 5 is likely to be darker than any of the previous seasons, as the new season runs for almost three hours longer than any of the previous seasons.

The primary reason behind the makers thinking it quits since Season 3 ended on a low with just 3.68 Million viewers. However, the tides were back up again as Season 4 opened with over 4 Million viewers.

Longmire is based on the original novel titled Walter Longmire Mysteries, penned by Craig Johnson, the best-selling novelist. Earlier this year rumors spread that Longmire was going to crossover with Criminal Minds. The merger seemed likely since both the series worked on the same principles and had a similar storyline.

Longmire Season 5

If the initial rumors are to be trusted, Walter Longmire returns to the big screen with Victoria ‘Vic’ Moretti, Ferg, Henry, Cady and the others by his side, in September, 2016. The wait is long, but all the episodes will be released together, so that’s a relief!

Tony Tost, one of the writers for the series, has been tasked with watching Longmire Season 4 and try to continue the plot for Season 5 where the previous season left off. Longmire Season 4 ended on a romantic note with things beginning to warm up between Walt and Donna Sue Monahan.


  1. longmire was enjoyed by my wife and i greatly. we look forward to a season 5 and beyond.

    although we enjoyed speculating on who crashed the party at the end. we would love to know.

    we think it was Vic.

  2. Love..love..loved Longmire series had me on the edge of my seat and grabbing the tissues all the time! Sometimes I could not quit watching and great for the whole family, which in this day an age is few and far between. You can connect with each of the cast members and small town politics and working with Indians and Reservation life is so close to the part of the world we live in!! Its almost like it takes place right here in Hot Springs, SD. Looking forward to Season 5 I just hope for Walt to have a little piece of happiness for awhile he smiles from his soul when it happens!!! I think the new partnerships with Jacob Knight horse is a great twist, better than all the hate that could have come out of this. Hurry September….and keep on writing Season 6,7,8…..I’m passing the word on????

  3. My wife and I are both HUGH Longmire followers. Hope season 5 is beginning of a much longer run. Kudos to Netflix for picking this show up. We have one in our area watching and thrilled by the show.

  4. People, we have got to spread the word! My wife and I absolutely love the show, we have told many and now they too love it, we have friends in England hooked on it, we have couples in their 20’s hooked, so for those of us that want the show to go on forever have to do our part and spread the word, “DAILEY”
    We have watched every show many times, over and over and it never gets old!
    I even have a 12 pack of Rainier on the shelf to show off, we’re in Texas and it’s not sold here,
    LONGMIRE forever!

  5. Please let it continue, season four has been amazing, in fact the whole programme has been great. Can’t wait for sept 2016. Would be great if it could go on for ano ther series after that!!

  6. Mom’s favorite show and grandson had to hook her up with Netflix as she was so disappointed when it was originally cancelled. She’s a true western fan and not many good shows like this are still on.

  7. We have enjoyed Longmire enormously, particularly the the characters of Walt and Henry.The tension between the town and the ‘ Res’ is well done also the wonderful photography showing the open countryside to advantage. My only aggravation is with Vic and hope this girl does not snare Walt her constant questions and face pulling are intensely irritating, I know it’s a story but they all become very real after a few weeks!