Longmire Season 5: Netflix Happy with Viewership, Episodes to be Longer and Darker, Probably the Last Season!


Netflix has breathed in a new life to Longmire. From being cancelled to being renewed for the fifth season, it’s been an exciting ride for the creators and the fans alike. Longmire had premiered in A&E, but the network was disappointed with the demography of the fans that the series attracted.

Although the series enjoyed a very good rating, A&E bosses were not very happy with Longmire. This was because the companies that wanted to provide sponsorship and endorsement deals during that slot when the series was shown weren’t happy. They targeted a younger audience, but Longmire ended up attracting fans of a higher demography.

Longmire continued in A&E for three seasons, but then the network chucked the show out irrespective of the huge popularity it enjoyed. The executive producers of the show were completely. They rallied for other networks to pick up the series.

Warner Horizon Television tried for other networks to pick the series up. Finally, after three months of being cancelled by A&E, Netflix picked up Longmire.

Netflix renewed Longmire for Season 4 and just four months after it had started with Season 4, they renewed the series for the fifth. Longmire deals with the life of the sheriff of a small town situated in Wyoming.

The lead role of Walt Longmire is played by Robert Taylor and it shows Longmire trying to find out the people responsible for his wife’s murder. They not only loved the concept that was being shown in Longmire, they loved the dedication and the enthusiasm that the producers of the series possessed.

According to Christian Post, Ted Sarandos, the head of Netflix spoke about Longmire Season 5 during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour that was held recently in California. Sarandos said that what didn’t seem to work out for A&E worked perfectly for them.

While A&E was worried about the demography of the viewers that the show was catering too, Netflix wasn’t worried about the demography at all. Since Netflix offers a different way of viewing television series, Longmire made sure that the older viewers would come in.

They were happy to cater to the older demography since all other shows were fighting it out for a piece of the already saturated space in the younger demography.

With Longmire on Netflix, the mature audience now realized that there is a different medium of watching their favorite shows and this has increased the subscriptions that Netflix had previously enjoyed. Netflix is confident that the new audience will not end their subscription to the streaming service even if Longmire Season 5 comes to an end.

Longmire Season 4 had done very well for Netflix. Although the ratings aren’t revealed by the networks, Christian Post has revealed that Netflix is very happy with the rating that they are enjoying thanks to Longmire unlike the earlier network.

Variety reported that John Coveny, one of the creators of the show has said that they know that the series that they have created has a heart and a soul and they feel that in Netflix, they can have viewers who will appreciate these elements in the series.

Longmire Season 5

Greer Shepherd, the executive producer of Longmire Season 5 has expressed his gratitude for Netflix that have learnt to appreciate the importance of the viewers irrespective of the demography they constitute.

According to Christian Post, Netflix might have renewed the show for another season, but this might be the last season for the series. While there has been no official word on this issue from Netflix, fans can be assured that this might be the last season for Longmire.


  1. Why is the value of the mature audience worth less than that of the younger audience? Our dollar is worth the same as theirs. A great show is a great show, no matter what age group it attracts. Longmire is great show,I am glad to learn that it is renewed for another season but talk of this being its last is very disappointing. The only reason I joined Netflix was to watch Longmire. If the ratings are good the show should remain on the air. If Longmire is cancelled because of demographic reasons you can be assured that I will cancel my Netflix account and Im sure alot of others will do the same.

  2. I and my family also LOVE the Longmire series. We were loyal watchers while on
    A& E, now our loyalties favor Netflix. I am very happy to hear Netflix appreciates our viewership and that Logmire gets a season 5 and hopefully many seasons thereafter.
    Long live Sheriff Longmire!!!!!!

  3. Longmire is my favorite show. It has that dark underlying storyline that leaves a mystery. It is always good vs evil, pure and simple. Justice is served with Longmire. Longmire goes, Netflix goes. Thank you Walt!!!!!!!!!!!!!