Longmire Season 5: Netflix Confirmed the Next Season, Rumors Indicate a Crossover with Criminal Minds in 2016, And More Details


Longmire fans are currently rejoicing due to the announcement by Netflix on 30th October. Netflix has finally heard the pleas of Longmire fans and as a result, the series has been renewed for another 10 episodes by the popular streaming service network.

Rumors indicate that the series will premiere in September 2016, following a schedule trend that was set by Season 4 of Longmire.

Tony Tost, the writer has already started with the script for the upcoming season. It was also publicly shared on Twitter on 6th December by him. The writer declared that he is re-watching the series and this will actually help him with the writing for Season 5.

Meanwhile Lou Diamond Philips, who plays Henry Standing Bear talked about his experience in Season 4’s last episode. According to Variety, he said that they were not given any kind of assurance regarding another season but the still gave it their best shot in every scene.

He further agreed that Netflix is a good home for the show and admitted that earlier, the show was constrained to episodes being 42 minutes in length, due to which a lot of work was wasted.

He further stated, “With an additional 20 minutes, we can let those moments breathe and round out those characters and it’s a much more cinematic experience episode to episode.”

In Season 4’s last episode, we saw Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor, enjoying some intimate moments with Dr. Donna Sue Monahan, his new love interest, played by Ally Walker. However, a mysterious intruder ends up breaking into his house.

As a result, the Season 4 finale ended in a major cliffhanger and due to this, a lot of fans requested for a renewal besides the many unsolved cases. It is clear that fans of the show are mighty thrilled about more episodes coming their way but from the looks of it, they will need to wait for quite some time before Longmire airs again.

Meanwhile, after releasing the news that Longmire will be extended to another Season 5, the streaming service provider finally declared that this will be the last season in this series. Longmire is a crime drama series that is based on the ‘Walter Longmire Mysteries’ book written by Craig Johnson.

According to Venture Capital Post, the series will end after Season 5 is complete. A&E Networks canceled Longmire back in 2014 in spite of great viewer ratings due to the fact that the show did not comply with the network’s demographics.

As a result, the ardent fans of this series started a campaign in order to encourage the other network’s to pick up where this show left off. After three months, Netflix finally paid attention to it and declared that it would bring back the show.

Season 4 of Longmire was wrapped up in a major cliffhanger as mentioned before and due to this, fans are pretty stoked about more episodes coming their way.

It is never possible for a true fan to remain calm after they hear their favorite show being canceled, especially after the last season ended in a cliffhanger. The loyal fans of this series are happy and excited for the upcoming season 5 of Longmire.

Longmire Season 5

At the same time, this will be the last season and let’s just hope that it doesn’t end up in a cliffhanger as well! However, in the upcoming season, the show will have the opportunity to better explore the history of its characters since season 5 will have 3 more hours of showtime.

According to Lou Diamond Philips, these results in a more cinematic experience for the show and it will allow moments to breathe and characters to be rounded out properly.


  1. Please Please don’t cancel lonmire. It’s such a great show. Me and my husband love watching together. The cast of characters are awesome and really give depth to the show. It’s finally quality tv I can let my kids watch. Please reconsider. We love it. Tina

    You have surpassed yourselves in Enterainment, please don’t stop now .
    IT’S THE BEST CHRISTMAS NEWS WE’VE HAD ALL YEAR .YOUR ACTORS ARE Blessed and so are we Great work , Laura

  3. What is the reason that Netflix wants to cancel Longmire after season five? If the ratiings were good enough to order another season, there should be no reason to assume ratings will drop during season five.

    I purchased Netflix to see Longmire and consider the move to cancel the show before season five has aired insulting. Despite the fact that I watch other shows (House of Cards) I will probably cancel Netflix after season five of Longmire.

  4. I really am disappointed that you would cancel such a wonderful show. I have watched this show from the beginning. So refreshing to watch the story and great characters that doesn’t have the bad language with every line. I hope that you reconsider cancelling such a exciting show. There aren’t any shows that I truly can’t wait to see each week but really I enjoy Longmire. Thanks you stars for giving us all your efforts in this wonderful show love you all.

  5. Love this show. I must say, this is definitely a binge watching series. I absolutely love the cast and characters. Very talented actors and actressess. Hope to see more of these professionals.

  6. Love, love ,love this show. My husband and I have watched all 4 seasons in the past two weeks. The cliffhanger at the end nearly caused my husband to flip out. Please keep it going. Why cancel something that appeals to so many

  7. This is a very good series and has a faithful audience. Why would Netflix or the writer think that one more season would be ok and call it quits. Given the past four seasons, it seems to me the writer would still have a lot more storylines to develop for least another two or three seasons. I hope we can enjoy this past season five.

  8. My husband and I love this show. We have watched from the beginning and we were both thrilled when Netflix picked the show up! We would really love for this show to go on for several more seasons! Please do not cancel after season 5! Great acting and great writing are hard combinations to come by these days on network TV which is why we switched to watching Netflix and Acorn – and honestly I watch more British shows for the quality of their writing and acting. Please keep the great shows, and Longmire is definitely one of the greats!

  9. Just got acquainted with this great series. Finally, something worth watching on tv. Please reconsider your decision to cancel after Season 5.

  10. Best show ever, Longmire is Awesome!! , i’m just starting the 4th season and i can’t stop watching,
    i’m hooked!
    I’m hoping for season 5

  11. Better than Netflix’s already well done House of Cards. Shows like Longmire will keep the bar high.

  12. I love this series strong characters determined to do what is right and the caring of others. Just love what this show brings to TV I am sick of all the realality shows on T V so I just didn’t watch much TV and found Longmire. I watched the series and was really saddened to see it was cancelled.
    I went to internet to see if the show was going to continue and was excited to see there is a 5th session ya. Can’t wait


  13. Why in Gods name would you put a cap on the series if it’s so well loved and successful? Please reconsider!