Longmire Season 5: Are Walt and Vic Involved in a Romantic Relationship? Let’s See!


Longmire has been renewed by Netflix for the fifth season. The series had gotten a new lease of life and has in turn given Netflix a new set of viewers, who hadn’t known that there was a world of streaming television series out there.

Longmire was first released on A&E, but that didn’t turn out very well for the show. Although Longmire enjoyed a huge popularity and was a major success, the network wasn’t very happy since they had expected the target audience for the show to be different.

The advertisers for the slot that Longmire was slated for weren’t happy with the older demography that Longmire attracted and they made A&E cancel the show.

This was a huge blow to the series and they were lucky that Netflix decided to pick up the original series for their program mix. The show was a huge success and Longmire was renewed for the fifth season by the streaming portal.

Now even though Netflix has announced the next season, there aren’t any information that is available to the viewers about Longmire Season 5. Even with no information to fall back on, the viewers of Longmire aren’t going to sit put. To help them out there are multiple discussion groups and spoilers about Longmire Season 5 circulating on the internet.

In order to help please the fans, the official Facebook page of Longmire Season 5 has shared a photo that shows Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) standing and talking to each other with the caption asking fans if there is anything in the future for the two characters.

Those who have read the book on which the series has been based will be aware of the fact that Walt and Vic end up having a romantic relationship. However, according to Crossmap, the viewers of Longmire don’t think that there is anything developing between Longmire and Vic in Longmire Season 5 since Vic is too young for Longmire.

The viewers have come out to state the Vic is young enough to Walt’s daughter and while there has been some inkling that there could be something developing between the two, the very fact that the showrunners have depicted Vic as a much younger woman negates the possibility of the plot heading in the same manner as Craig Johnson’s book.

Other viewers have also made it clear that Vic and Walt are just good friends and do not share any chemistry. This leaves them with the possibility that Walt is going to continue with Donna (Ally Walker) as shown in Longmire Season 5.

However, there are rumors suggesting that Dr. Donna Monaghan isn’t as clean as she looks and she might be actually working with Walter Brown (Callum Keith Rennie). The season finale of Longmire Season 4 had ended with Walt and Donna spending some quality time together in his house when an intruder breaks in.

Longmire Season 5

There is a lot of speculation about who this intruder might be and Christian Today hints at the possibility that it might be Walter. Walter was missing from the hospital bed and it would have been impossible for him to find out the exact location of Walt’s house. This indicates that Donna was the one who had furnished him with the information.

Longmire Season 5 will continue with Walt’s relationship and even if Donna is the one working with Walter Brown, the information will not be revealed before the season finale. Walter Brown’s reason for going after Walt is clearly, but the fans will have to wait and watch Longmire Season 5 to understand what motif Donna has to help him against Walt Longmire.


  1. Longmire is my favorite show and I have seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD and was hoping for information if the 4th and future seasons can be purchased–can anyone tell me—also since I like Walt and Vic it would be fine for me if they were in love eventually as Viv could really be portrayed as older as she could have married about age 30 and then divorced around age 40 and Walt could be about 50 and daughter could be 25..