Lindsay Lohan Follows Shia LeBeouf, Moves In With Russian Boyfriend!


Lindsay Lohan had a dream start in Hollywood. She came into the limelight with her role of the twin sisters in Parent Trap and with that went on to star in films like Mean Girls and Confession of the Teenage Drama Queen.

However, ever since she got embroiled in drugs and alcohol, things have been downhill for her. Lindsay Lohan was arrested and then tried to break out of probation and was forced to go for long hours of community service. She had been a wild girl and now is regretting her past.

Lindsay Lohan followed Shia LeBeouf who had arrived for the premiere of his film Nymphomaniac with a paper bag on his head and with words stating that he isn’t famous anymore. Shia LeBeouf had also started young in Hollywood, but hasn’t been doing so well since he doesn’t seem to get along with people.

Lindsay Lohan currently stays in London where she is a part of a play called Speed the Plow that is on at West End. She has been struggling to make her mark in the Hollywood film industry once again, but isn’t being able to land a good deal.

There have been rumors that Lindsay Lohan has become broke again since she has a tendency of live life like an A-list actress while she isn’t getting paid like one. There were claims that she is getting along with little help from her rich friends and owes her sister, Ari a lot of money.

However, this report was trashed and there were claims that Lindsay Lohan is making progress and is trying to make things work out in her career. The Instagram post that she has made says that she isn’t cool enough to live in Los Angeles. The place supposedly has too many pawns and a lot of zealousness.

The Sun has reported that the main reason for Lindsay Lohan sharing the photo with the brown paper bag on her head is that she is embarrassed about the past and that she wants to redeem all that start on a fresh page. This was her way of connecting to her millions of fans and sharing the emotion with them.

Lindsay Lohan maintains a very low profile in London. She is spotted around the city with her friends and doesn’t do much public appearances. If she has a friend who is in the city for a cause, then she goes and supports them in their venture.

Lohan has spoken to People magazine and said that she has realized what a messy past she has created for herself. She confessed that she didn’t know how to lead her life and how to lead it differently. Now that she knows, she is trying to move away from it.

Lindsay Lohan

There happens to be a reason for the sudden change in Lindsay Lohan’s life. The actress has found love in the form of a 22 year old real estate mogul from Russia, called Egor Tarabasov.

The two had met during the Christmas week and had been inseparable since then. In a recent post on Instagram, Lindsay Lohan informed the world that she is going to start living together with Egor Tarabasov.

Egor Tarabasov seems to be the reason for her change. Lindsay Lohan’s parents have both come out to make it clear that they are in favor of the relationship since Egor is a positive influence in their daughter’s life. He might be only 22 years old, but he is way more mature and is striving to revive Lindsay Lohan’s career.


  1. Slavic nation, whether it’s a male or a female, is a good nation. I’m not surprised Lindsay fell in love with that guy. I did too with a Ukrainian girl. We met on a dating platform (heandshetoday. com in case you wanna know). Now we’re dating. So yeah, she is really amazing.