Latest Rumors and Updates Surrounding the GoPro Hero 5, Release Date Pushed Back, Will Be Compatible with The Karma Drone!


The latest rumors surrounding the GoPro’s next offering in the field of action camera suggest that the device might hit the market during the ending months of the ongoing year. Previous reports pertaining to the GoPro Hero 5 stated that the device would be rolled out by GoPro at the beginning of 2016. However, as can be seen, the company abstained from doing so.

The reason behind this delay could be accounted to the fact that GoPro is planning to release the Karma drone before the camera hits the market. It has been confirmed that the Karma drone will be compatible with the Hero 5.

After the Karma drone is released by GoPro, the company will release the Hero 5 in subsequent months. As for the Karma drone, it is expected that the device will be launched in the early months of the current year.

It was previously reported that both the Karma drone and the Hero 5 will be launched at the same time. It was assumed that since both the devices are compatible with each other, they would end up complementing each other which would lead to a boost in the sales of both.

However, the latest reports claim that both the devices will not be launched by GoPro simultaneously. GoPro has given confirmation to the fact that the Karma drone will be backward compatible. It means that the device will be functional with any of the GoPro cameras that are already existent in the market.

It is due to this fact, that the Karma drone does not need a complementing device in the form of GoPro Hero 5. Thus the developers decided for a solo launch for the device. Nick Woodman, the founder and CEO of GoPro himself clarified that the Karma drone will be hitting the market by early 2016 and the Hero 5 will be released at a later point of time in the same year.

He also revealed that whatever advancements the company makes in the field of software; it will be matched at the hardware level too. He further added that among all the cameras released by the company, the Hero 5 will be most connected and convenient one.

His words regarding the Karma drone were reiterated by Tony Bates, the President of GoPro Inc. He stated that that the Karma drone will be released within the first half of the current year. He also stated that the company is always striving to make its devices smaller, lighter and easier to use.

It has also been confirmed that sale of some existent GoPro devices in the market will stop altogether from the coming month of April. The devices that GoPro will stop selling from April are- Hero, Hero Plus and the Hero Plus LCD.

Coming back to the matter of the Hero 5, the upcoming device will be loaded with a system called the Ambrella H1 System. This particular system on chip will allow users to record 4Kresolution videos at an impressive 60 frames per second rate.

GoPro Hero 5

The device will be much faster compared to its predecessor, the Hero 4. It will feature an enhanced 2.7k performance. It will also be able to capture 1080p videos at higher frame rates compared to the Hero 4.

Rumors also have it that the Hero 5 will be capable of recording videos in full true 3D. The Hero 4 was waterproof up to a depth of 20 meters. The Hero 5 will get a major overhaul in this department as it was reported that the device will be fully functional under water up to a depth of 60 meters.


  1. Do not care about the Karma drone and GoPro making a mistake introducing 3D
    People want higher res, higher fps, better battery, 21.9 ratio and image stabliazation