Latest Rumors and Updates On iOS Jailbreak, Is Jailbreaking of iOS 9.3 Even Possible? Fake iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Doing Rounds On the Internet!


The matter of iOS jailbreaking has always been surrounded by rumors and speculations. Fans of jailbroken iOS have been eagerly waiting for a functional jailbreak tool for quite some time now. Renowned jailbreaking teams- Pangu and TaiGare reportedly hard at work in developing a proper jailbreaking tool.

However, both the teams are yet to come forward with a jailbreaking tool which is completely functional and safe. The last working jailbreaking tool that saw the light of the day was released by Pangu. However, the tool only worked for the iOS versions of 9 and 9.1.

Apple has already rolled out iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.3 and users who have upgraded their Apple devices to the latest iOS were not able to take advantage of the jailbreak that was released by Pangu, since it was not functional on iOS 9.2.1 or iOS 9.3.

The iOS 9.2.1 is being dubbed as the most stable version of iOS yet to be released by Apple. The iOS 9.3 is also quite stable and it comes with buffed up security measures which makes the job of jailbreaking it even more difficult for the jailbreakers.

Various reports were coming in which suggested that there is a new player in the jailbreaking scene. A team who call themselves K33n claimed that they too are working on developing a jailbreaking tool. However, it was not known as to which version of the iOS they are trying to jailbreak. It was also reported that this particular team is working in collaboration with Pangu.

At the same time Apple is continuously tweaking around with their OS to make sure that it cannot be jailbroken. The Cupertino-based company has also stopped the down-gradable feature which means that users who upgrade their Apple devices to iOS 9.2 or higher won’t be able to downgrade them to iOS 9 or iOS 9.1.

The iOS 9.3 was rolled out sometime back and it was seen that it came with a number of bugs and errors. These bugs and errors could have been utilized by jailbreaking teams to jailbreak it, however Apple decided to play spoilsport in the matter as it rolled out an update for the iOS in the form of 9.3.1.

This update addressed all the bugs and errors in IOS 9.3 and fixed them. Which means that those exploits cannot be used by jalebreakers to create a functional jailbreaking tool for this particular version of iOS.

Some reports are suggesting that the jailbreaking teams are working on developing a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3 and many believe that it might be rolled out soon. A renowned website reports that the jailbreak for iOS 9.3 might see the light of the day at the WWDC which is Apple’s Annual Developer Conference. The WWDC is scheduled to be held in June.

Reports are also coming in which suggest that jailbreaking the current versions of iOS might be an impossible deed. According to the reports it has been quite some time since the iOS 9.2 made footfall and the hacking team have still not managed to crack the OS.

Apple iOS Jailbreak

They have been claiming that they are working on developing a functional jailbreaking tool, however, in reality they have not been able to come forward with anything significant that might be an indication that they are actually close to jailbreaking the iOS.

iOS 9.3 has also seen a bit of a mileage now and similar to the case of iOS 9.2, none of the hacking teams have been able to come even remotely close to jailbreaking it. on top of that Apple is relentlessly rolling out one update after another to buff up the security measures. All these factors combined, it looks as if jailbreaking of the iOS is no longer possible.


  1. Ios 9.0.2 May be being dubbed as the most stable jailbReak but I can tell u that i had that version and it Went in a boot loop so i lost everything now lucky I’ve replaced my phone for a 6 plus with 8.4 and im telling you that’s the most stable and best jailbreak till now

  2. I don’t think pangu or taige r gona releas a tool 4 jail breaking, shame as I love it so much a iPhones a brick without it