Latest Rumors and Updates On Borderlands 3, Fans Come Forward with Several Requests Regarding the Game, And More Details


The Borderlands series of action role-playing first person shooting video games has become quite popular among fans. It has been confirmed that this series is going to get another addition in the future. The developing company for Borderlands video games- Gearbox Software had previously acknowledged the fact that Borderlands 3 will indeed be released.

The company was present at the PAX East conference which was held in the previous month. It is here that the company confirmed that the Borderlands series will be added with another game.

It was announced that the developers will start the development process of the game as soon as they finish rolling out another game- Battleborn and its DLCs. It is a known fact that Battleborn has just been released and thus fans of Borderlands series are eagerly waiting for the developers to come forward with some update regarding the upcoming game.

That being said, the developers might not be able to provide an update regarding Borderlands 3 at the moment as Battleborn has just been released and they will be busy with the DLCs for the newly released game.

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Software had previously stated that Borderlands 3 might be released under a different name. however, he has not been able to confirm as to what that name would be. Pitchford added that the developers are still trying to figure out a suitable name for the upcoming game.

The previous Borderlands games have been penned down by Matt Armstrong. However, the renowned writer left Gearbox sometime back and thus Mikey Neumann will be writing the story for Borderlands 3. It should be noted here that Mikey Neumann is the Chief Creative Officer at Gearbox.

The character of Scooter from the game Tales of Borderlands became quite popular and Neumann stated that he might be featuring in the upcoming game too. Not only that, he might also have a son named Scooper in it.

Apparently, the idea came to Neumann when he pitch-shifted the voice of Scooter up to seven semitones and he found the resulting voice to be extremely funny. Thus the idea of incorporating Scooter’s son Scooper into Borderlands 3 and giving the new voice to him dawned on him.

During PAX, it was also revealed that several Easter Eggs for the upcoming game will be hidden in the DLCs that will be released for Battleborn. Since then,fans have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the DLCs for Battleborn. Gamers will be able to purchase the Season Pass for the game at price of $20.

Till now, five DLCs have been planned for Battleborn and fans who purchase the Season Pass will become eligible to receive all the five DLCs for free. The Season Pass will also include any other add-ons that are released for the game. Some exclusive taunts and skins will also be included in it.

Borderlands 3

It should be mentioned here that Battleborn is currently ahead of the first Borderlands game in terms of sales for the same period of time.

A total of 8 million copies of Borderlands were sold and it will be interesting to see if the newly released game is able to surpass that record. Randy Varnell, the creative director at Gearbox stated that they are “cautiously optimistic” about the game at the moment.

Coming back to the matter of Borderlands 3, fans have been quite forthcoming with suggestions regarding the upcoming game. Apparently, an open world scenario is what they want to see in the game. This will enable them to explore freely and their explorations will not be hindered by travel gates.


  1. I don’t see charecter creation as something I want. The thing with borderlands is that it’s all class bassed. That’s what makes its coop fun, to see the four all work together. They want to please fans, say it takes ten years after 2, and Tiny Tina is now a playable character. You never see your character after you chose them anyway, so all you have is their quips, skills and melee to compare to the others. The armor customization would be okay if you unlocked color palettes and got to pick which color for what part. The head, stick with the unlockable heads. If Team Fortress is any indication, fans go ape over hats and skins.

  2. The Borderlands series has become one of the most popular in recent gaming world. I’m a big Borderlands fan. If there’s one thing I want from this more than anything is a playable Loader class. The idea of a “good” Loader who thinks Jack is its father and that the Vault Hunters are its best friends is a fantastic one. This would be my main character, hands down.