John Wick 2: Plot Being Worked Upon, Keanu Reeves Set To Reprise His Role, Video Game in the Pipeline, And More


Talks about John Wick 2 are on and there is news that Keanu Reeves is going to be back in the lead. Screen Daily has reported that Ascot Elite, the Swiss distributor has also officially decided to host the much awaited action movie.

The regular partner for John Wick 2 was supposed to be Lionsgate/Summit, but Ascot bought the rights from them. John Wick 2 will have Chad Stahelski and David Leitch on the director’s chair while Derek Kolstad will provide them the script to work upon.

While the general star cast and the crew members have been shortlisted, there have been no official words about the plot. Even if the plot has been zeroed upon there is no official word about it. Stahelski when asked about the script by said that they are still working on the script for John Wick 2.

Stahelski added that they are giving a lot of time to come up with a script and characters that of John Wick 2. There is a lot of expectation from the film and they don’t want the fans to be disappointed.

He said that in an action movie people assume that the character or the plot are not important; what matters is the action sequences. However, the team of John Wick 2 are of the opinion that these two aspects are equally important because you cannot enjoy a movie when you don’t like the characters in it nor the plot that has the action.

The director of the much anticipated sequel has also said that the plot of the film requires a lot of thought and ideating because they want to come with something that hasn’t been seen before and they want to offer something that the fans aren’t expecting in John Wick 2.

David Leitch said that they expect Keanu Reeves to deliver like any other action movie star. In order to match up to his potential as an actor they need to come up with a plot and a character where he will doing justice as an actor, while making sure that fans love what they see on screen.

Inverse has come up with the fact that the first movie might give some characters as well as a plot angle to the second installment. The Continental Hotel in the first film might open up its door to let out heroes or assassins.

John Wick was first released in October of last year and it did a huge business, raking in almost $80 million worldwide. The production house hopes that John Wick 2 does better than even that.

It was the directorial debut for Chad Stahelski and David Leitch and they never could have imagined that their first film is going to end up becoming a cult movie of all times. The plot, the dialogue, the rich eye to details, all went to make the film an instant success.

John WIck 2

It wasn’t surprising that after the kind of popularity their first film enjoyed, the director duo wouldn’t want to come back to make an installment to John Wick. The two said that they have been thinking about the idea for a very long time and they want to better their first attempt at it. They know that all they have to do is to zero down on a plot and a character that the fans will love to watch and take a journey with.

Jason Constantine, the President of Lionsgate told The Wrap that there is more to tell about John Wick’s story. Given the kind of support they got from the fans and the critics, they are sure that John Wick 2 is going to do good business as well.


  1. Hell yeah I’m excited for the next installment of John Wick as I am a huge fan of the movie & of Keanue Reeves! I would love to see a little character building; his childhood, (maybe what got him into the assignation scene), possibly his father was a mob boss, an uncle. Perhaps, he saw what crime had done to a family member and he wanted to do something about it… Also, I’d like to see how he met his wife along with a more in-depth reason as to why he left the field. All & all, I know you will not disappoint, you’ve really hit on a masterpiece of a film. John Wick 2 can’t come soon enough, so please hurry up…lol Looking forward to see Keanu Reeves nail this character for a 2nd time! One of my most favorite actors, by far so I know John will not disappoint! To the directors, Chad Stahelski & David Leitch, congratulations on your extremely successful debut! Now only if Derek Kolstad could get rid of that writers block. 😉 y’all rock! What a team!

  2. I loved the no-nonsense action of “John Wick”! Keanu did a fantastic job of showing his grief of the loss of his wife and then losing the last gift his wife sent him posthumously! Then only attacking the gangsters and not destroying innocent lives was a big plus in my books! His skill in driving, shooting and wrestling with his opponents was excellent! I anxiously await “John Wick 2”!!!

  3. Amazing movie! So looking forward to a 2nd installment! Hope it shows more of the depth of his backstory while interlacing that with a new storyline that moves forward with his healing! So much more story to tell of how he got out, how he got in, his wife, a lot to reveal there while moving forward and using The Continental hopefully. Seems like a whole other storyline there alone! Can’t wait…… Can’t come soon enough, plus gotta love a Hawaiian making it big! Love eating at one of his favorite places for pancakes, Keanu & The Rock! Aloha Boys!