John Wick 2: Keanu Reeves Set To Return, Awarded at A French Film Festival, Fan Speculations, And More Details


It has been confirmed, Keanu Reeves is going to be a part of John Wick 2. The news was disclosed by the director of the upcoming movie, Chad Stahelski, and David Leitch while giving an interview to Movies.

Stahelski said that the film is in the development process. The directors have always been open to the idea of a sequel to John Wick, but they knew that will go ahead with the idea only if they have a story that is better than the first one.

Stahelski confirmed that he and David Leitch have been brainstorming for days and the ideas that they have come up with, all go on to show that will be able to create John Wick 2 that will be better than the plot for the first one.

Stahelski while talking about having Keanu Reeves on board, joked that if they could create films like John Wick 2, at least 10 more of them, then their careers would be set for life. However, leaving all the jokes apart, these boys know that it is no easy job when it comes to creating a sequel.

Sequels are a tough nut to crack, especially if they are of a movie as a popular or iconic as John Wick 2. The director duo of John Wick 2 are of the opinion that it isn’t coming up with a plot for the sequel, which is the hard part. For them, keeping the characters relatable to the audience is the toughest job at hand.

When viewers come to watch the sequel they look for the history that they have shared with a particular character. The fans of John Wick will come to watch John Wick 2 to go back to the journey that they have shared with the characters and if they do not end up liking the characters that they are going to meet then the whole effort becomes futile.

For those fans who couldn’t accept the word of mouth from Stahelski confirming Keanu Reeves, will be happy to know that the executive producer of Lionsgate, Jason Constantine has also confirmed that Keanu Reeves is going to be a part of John Wick 2.

In a statement that was published in The Wrap, Constantine said that the team is glad to have Keanu Reeves on the project. He also said that the directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch have promised to come back together and create something better than the first film with John Wick 2.

John Wick dealt with a former assassin who comes back into the open, to seek revenge for the way his employer treats him. They beat him up and leave him to die while stealing his car and killing his dog, who was a present from his late wife.

John Wick had released in 2014 and was a surprise winner at the box-office, having done a business of over $14.1 million in only its opening weekend. The film became one of the most successful films of that year with a total box-office collection of $43 million, worldwide.

John WIck 2

While Keanu Reeves is getting ready to come back as the deadly assassin in John Wick 2, he was honored at a French film festival, recently. The Deauville Film Festival honored the star this week. The festival also screened Knock Knock, Keanu Reeve’s upcoming film.

While talking to Variety, the organizers of the festival said that Keanu Reeves has always showed his talent in accepting and carrying out the challenges of extremely divergent roles throughout his film career.


  1. Actually, the original John Wick topped over $100 million in world wide box office. I can’t wait to see what they do with JW2!