Jennifer Lawrence: Nominated for The Oscar, Reporters Back Jennifer Lawrence’s Comment, World Seems to Have Reached a Peak!


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the leading contenders for Oscar this year. The Hunger Games actress who won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical is being considered to win the Best Actress Oscar this year. Critics have mentioned that Jennifer Lawrence will be contending for the award for her role in Joy.

E! Online published the news of the Oscar nominations. Jennifer Lawrence will be nominated for the fourth time for Oscar this year. Along with her, Brie Larson from Room has also been nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

Jennifer Lawrence has issued a statement after finding out about her nomination for Oscar this year and said that she is humbled and feels grateful for the nomination. She also added that she feels honored to be a part of the category that has such incredible ladies.

The actress who has called herself a workaholic had been nothing sort of a sensation in each and every red carpet appearance. She has continued to work with Jordan Johnson and Jill Lincoln ever since her first time and the only thing that’s changed is that her looks have changed over time and she has become bolder and more confident.

NY Times has reported that the best thing about Jennifer Lawrence is that her look can range from that of the exotic to the elegant. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t afraid to stand out of the crowd. She is conservative when it comes to her style, but there are slits and plunging necklines or backs that make her stand out.

Jennifer Lawrence might have ruled the Golden Globe Award with the way she looked and the fact that she won, but she didn’t score a lot of points with the media. Lawrence was addressing questions from the media at the press room after the award ceremony when she noticed a foreign journalist looking into his phone.

The actress addressed the journalist called Juan Pablo Fernandez-Feo after he asked her a question while staring at his phone. She replied back telling him that he can’t live his life staring at the phone. She asked him to stop staring at it and live in the moment.

This comment from Jennifer Lawrence created a major row on Twitter where she started trending. Fans took to criticizing her and said that she has become rude and ignorant and was a racist.

It was believed that the journalist she had addressed was a foreigner who didn’t know how to speak English and hence he was reading the question carefully while asking it to Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence had once informed E! during an interview that she can be very rude if she wants to. However, other journalists present at the present during the Golden Globe press meet said that Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t rude to the reporter.

Jennifer Lawrence

They also clarified that the reporter being on his phone had nothing to do with the fact that he didn’t know English. He was asking the question to Jennifer Lawrence on his own while recording or taking a photograph from his phone.

Chris Trondsen, the host of Pacific Rim Video stood up for Jennifer Lawrence and clarified on Twitter that she never spoke to the man rudely. She rather requested him to be present in person while he was asking her something instead of focusing more on the phone.


  1. I think the reports of Ms. Lawrence’s popularity ‘death’ are greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase Twain.

    A relatively small but dedicated group can get something to ‘trend’ on twitter if they know the twitter rules that apply. I know, I’ve done it with people myself. That a significant number of people are jealous of or infuriated by the most popular people at any time is not an earth shattering revelation. Then, too, Jennifer Lawrence recently came out swinging on a couple of hot topics, against Kim Davis’s actions, and supporting planned parenthood, which inspired hate her way by certain groups.

    While they are sophisticated enough in the ways of online commenting to posture as one time fans as they bash her, I highly doubt any ‘fan’ would have jumped to a conclusion enough to drop JLaw (much less hound her on twitter) from the brief clip that went viral. And if you view the entire q and a it is clear she was not being rude.

    I think those who try to create a theme that ‘it is all downhill from here’ for JLaw are going to find themselves very embarrassed as they find she is as much loved by her fans, as ever.

  2. Give her a break. Media overload striving to grab notice with something negative. She is an incredible actress with a delightful, engaging presence.