HTC One M10 Will Be a Powerful Device with No Links to Its Predecessor and an October Release Date Scheduled, More Information


According to the latest reports, HTC is presently developing the HTC One M10 or the HTC 2, which is scheduled to be released in 2016 February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company is reportedly unsatisfied by the performance of HTC One M9 in the Smartphone market and as a result, it is all set to release a much powerful successor, the HTC One M10.

According to HTC, this device will sport hardware and specifications that put the M9 to shame. The massive overhaul in this aspect should be a major surprise for the users. People are expecting that the HTC 2 will be running on the much faster and efficient processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

This is being done in order to remove the problem of overheating that was faced by the unfortunate users of HTC One M9. To further add to this glory, the processor will be coming with 4GB of RAM. Apparently, 4GB is slowly becoming the norm for all flagship smartphones which are scheduled to release in the near future.

When it comes to the build quality, it is being rumored that the body will be similar to its predecessor but will include the additional feature of water resistivity. The HTC One M10 will have a display resolution of 1440×2560 QHD which is much superior compared to the 1080p 5inch HD display in the HTC One M9.

The rear camera of this device will feature 20 megapixels while the front camera comes with 5 megapixels. At the same time, there hasn’t been a lot of information regarding a microSD slot in this phone. Thankfully, it is being anticipated that the device will come with greater storage capacity variants like 64GB and 128GB.

The battery life has been further extended to 3500mAh. To sweeten the deal further, this device will be running Google’s latest upcoming operating system, Android M or Marshmallow. Nothing can be said about the price right now but expectation suggests a price tag of 600 pounds.

At the same time, rumors involving the HTC 2 suggest a 5inch display powered by Snapdragon 82X Octa-core processor which is rumored to hit markets in 2016. HTC needs to make sure that the device succeeds in order to bypass the impending doom that will befall on them in case it fails.

Other rumors suggest that HTC might finally drop its One M branding and according to MyDrivers, the firm’s next handset will be called HTC O2. The Snapdragon 820 is a quad-core chip which was built using Samsung’s superior and highly-efficient 14nm FinFET manufacturing process and this processor will be featured in the upcoming HTC flagship.

HTC One M10

This is however, not the first time that we heard rumors about an upcoming HTC flagship. Cher Wang, CEO of this famous Taiwanese company declared in June that the company was working on releasing a ‘hero’ handset in October this year.

Presently, the HTC One M9 sales are declining due to the overheating issues faced by its Snapdragon 810 processor. Due to these failure reports, HTC is possibly planning to hasten the release of their upcoming flagship device. HTC CEO Cher Wang has confirmed that they are doing everything they can to overcome the problems of the present HTC flagship and make the upcoming HTC One M10, a really worthy and superior-performing device.


  1. They need a quality camera(radical improvements), battery life in real world usage at least equal to the m8, and those front facing speakers. I can take or leave a higher resolution screen and water resistance but it would be nice to get those, too. Good Lord, I hope they don’t screw this up.


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