HTC One M10: Rumors Decoded, Release Date Likely to be Around February 2016!


The HTC One M10 happens to be one of the most anticipated devices of 2016, and there are quite a few valid reasons for this sudden surge of popularity. One such claim suggests that the device shall be available with Android v6.1 out of the box, which is a definite reason to celebrate!

However, it’s unwise to get your hopes up high right now, since Google is yet to announce their plans of launching an Android 6.1 anytime soon. However, one thing is for sure that the smartphone is set to be one of the most powerful devices from the smartphone manufacturer till date.

HTC needs to recover their fallen reputation post the customer feedback received by the M9. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturers were at the receiving end of customer feedback since the M9 failed to garner as much support and appreciation from the customers as the company had hoped for.

Some of the basic features that have been reported so far include a 5.0-inch touchscreen, Dual-Sim support, 4GB of RAM along with 64 and 128 Gb of built-in memory. Both these variants are capable of being expanded up to 2 TB via a MicroSD card!

An 8 MP Secondary camera adorns the front end of the device, along with a 13 MP primary camera at the rear end along with a dual-LED flashlight. Another faction believes that the HTC One M10 will receive a 27 MP primary camera, although, we neither support nor decline such a claim.

HTC is yet to release a formal statement on the subject, although, if these rumors are indeed true, the company will make a formal announcement soon. Under the hood lies a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip whose performance is yet to be determined on the device. HTC has also included wireless charging and USB Type-C Port for advanced connectivity and quick charging.

The highlight of the HTC One M10 is the 3,500 mAh battery, which is guaranteed to last long and provide non-parallel backup. HTC was rumored to be working on a premium segment device since a long time, although, much information wasn’t available about the device.

If experts are to be believed, the company could price the One M10 around $700, although, we are waiting for an official word from HTC. Customers and HTC loyalists hope that the HTC One M10 rids itself of all overheating issues that plagued the M9. Numerous posts and mail were sent to the company representatives, although, HTC is yet to respond on any of those.

This is one of the major reasons behind people wondering whether the device meets all the standard requirements of a flagship model. The HTC One M9 failed to impress on that criterion. On the exterior, the device is rumored to sport a brushed metal finish with a premium look on the buttons.

On the interior, the camera sports a few major upgrades in terms of megapixels. The standard display could be upgraded to a QHD, like most other premium edge smartphones of today!

HTC One M10

The One M10 is stated to be quite different from the present flagship, the One A9. Another set of rumors claim that the M series is headed towards extinction, with HTC planning to launch all upcoming smartphones under a new nomenclature.

However, the truth behind this statement is just as foggy as any of the others right now, although, we will keep you posted on the details here. An unconfirmed report also claims that the One A9 will remain the flagship even after the HTC One M10 hits the market since the company will launch the M10 with downgraded features as compared to the A9.


  1. Here in Thailand it is very obvious how much of a punch HTC took. Just a year ago you could find the M8 on display in almost every single branch. Today, well, you will have a tough time finding it though some shops still have it if you look well because these booths aren’t advertised and mostly serve the purpose of filling a lonely corner of the shop

    Now, on topic. HTC letting the A9 remain the flagship is just hilarious. Those who make claims like that don’t really think in favor of HTC. If HTC would do that they would be making sure a funeral is coming up… their owns.
    Also, can articles like these stop by writing: “htc is to release its most powerful device up to date”. We all know just using the snapdragon 820 will already make any phone the midst powerful up to date so this is just mentioning the obvious

  2. I have owned HTC phones since before there was an iPhone. 2003 pocket pc, tilt, tilt2, radar, hd2, onex+, & the m7. I’ve been patiently waiting hoping my m7can hold up. Hoping patiently that HTC once again comes out with the best phone. I should probably get a an award for best fan.