HTC One M10: Rumors About Specs And Features, Wang Hints At HTC Aero!


Users may not be able to get their hands on the HTC One M10 before 2016, but there are a lot of rumors about this much-anticipated phone from HTC. There are speculations that HTC 02 might actually be the HTC One M10.

HTC One M9 wasn’t a big success. HTC One series is known for their metal finish and the brand name did soar with the release of each of the models, but the sale of HTC One M9 wasn’t impressive at all.

There is a report from inside the market that the failure of the HTC One M9 is what is keeping the mobile manufacturer from releasing the much awaited HTC One M10. HTC has been badly hit since they were removed from the Taiwan top 50 index after the release of HTC One M9.

It looks like HTC is going to make sure that it doesn’t go wrong anywhere when it comes to HTC One M10 and is delaying the release to make the product fare better than the previous model. HTC had been at par with the other top giants in the mobile market, like Samsung, Apple and Sony, but the HTC One M9 brought it a notch down.

HTC is willing to make their users wait for the HTC One M10 if it means that they are guaranteed of their satisfaction and can cinch back their lost position in the market. While HTC works on One M10, there are speculations about the users can expect from it once it is released.

HTC One M10 is going to have the feature of wireless charging similar to the one that Samsung has introduced with its Samsung Galaxy 6 series. It is also expected to be waterproof and come loaded with built-in memory for additional storage.

Experts are of the opinion that if HTC is able to deliver on these lines to their customer then they can expect a winner with HTC One M10.

HTC’s chairwoman, Cher Wang had apologized to fans for letting them out with HTC One M9 has said that HTC will reshape its glory and this is seen as a cryptic note on the fact that the company will not continue with its HTC One models anymore and will develop something new.

Tech Radar has reported that HTC might develop on HTC Aero. Since HTC One M10 isn’t going to be launched before 2016, HTC Aero might be released before that also. Whichever model it is going to release, HTC is going to make a lot of innovative changes given the feedback from HTC One M9.

According to Taipei Times, Wang said that the failure for HTC One M9 was because of the company’s poor operational practices and conservative strategy in marketing. It is because of these faults that HTC is unable to rise above the current competition in the market.

HTC One M10

The Latino Post has reported that HTC One M10 might be called HTC O2. While the basic functioning and designs will be similar to the one in M9, the screen size is going to be larger at 6 inches. The smartphone is also set to have a QHD resolution of 1440X2560 with a 490 dpi.

HTC One M10 or HTC O2 as it may be finally referred is going to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. HTC is going to shift to Snapdragon 820 since there were complains of overheating in M9 with Snapdragon 810.

It is going to have 4GB RAM and come in 64 GB and 128 GB variants. The phone will come equipped with Adreno 530 graphics, a primary camera with 20.7 MP and a 5 MP front camera.


  1. The m9 was so bad I went back to m8s bigger screen required and better battery life I buy HTC mainly cause there’s camera is good m9 had no image stabilizing tech which was a big let Down sd card slot needs to stay come with fast charger. Can they really better there m8 ..

  2. I have been waiting months for you guys to release a great phone and now I hear its going to be $800-900? Keep it!!! You have finally lost me as a loyal “true blue” HTC customer. I put up with the mess of the M9 and still didn’t buy anything else. If you would have fixed the battery and camera, I’d have bought it on the spot. But now instead of waiting on you, I’m moving on…there are to many phones out there that I can get for 1/3 that price and be happy for another year.

  3. Would someone please tell me if any of the much hyped phones of ANY brand have decent antennas and can actually make phone calls. That’s all I really care about.

  4. Put a microsd card on it and it will be next phone I buy. Screw Apple and Samsung. Thought the Note series was for me when I bought a note 4, but I see the trajectory Samsung is going. So buh-bye Samsung.

  5. F**k HTC brand , i purchased HTC desire 826 the phone is dead with in one month , they have have repalced with another one , f**k once again the phone is dead . I have taken up the complaint / case for cash back with National consumer forum complaint no. 5903713170415. As i want to go for a better brand.

    I suggest to public to be more cautions and not to purchase the f**k in brand HTC. Issued in pubic interest. Service is also very poor.