HTC One M10: Rumored to be Unveiled at the MWC in February 2016, Company Focused on Developing the Vive VR System!


The HTC One M10 is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2016 this February at Barcelona,and will be a direct successor to the current-generation flagship model, the One M9.

HTC claims that the One M10 will be very different from the One M9,since the team of developers have worked very hard on improving the overall performance of the device.If all goes according to plans, the HTC One M10 might even look different than the One M9.

HTC has incorporated quite a few innovations to the flagship model, primary among which are wireless charging and a different exterior composition. The original plan of working on an all-metal design had to be scrapped since wireless charging does not work well with metal bodied smartphones.

HTC is also likely to upgrade the screen on the One M10, since it is a bit dated. Most modern smartphones feature Quad HD displays and HTC wants to follow in their footsteps. The display is one of the most important components of a smartphone, considering the kind of high-end technology used in most modern devices.

For example, the HTC One M10 is rumored to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor along with a dedicated GPU. The company should not allow a bland display to ruin the overall user experience of the device.

The Taiwanese tech giants need to upgrade the battery on the M10, since the current-generation battery on the M9 is not up-to-the mark in terms of overall backup. HTC needs to gear up their game since rival smartphone makers have geared up theirs!

HTC is known to offer some of the most high-tech cameras on their products, be it the dual lens setup or powerful front cameras. LG, however, has stepped into the market with their latest array of products, which could pose a threat to HTC, if allowed to remain unchecked.

HTC need to prove a point with the One M10, especially since the One M9 bombed in the market and nearly put the company out of business. Experts reported that the HTC One M9 was a simple rebranded product with old technology arranged in a new packaging.

The high asking price did not play well with the customers either, resulting in massive losses for the company in 2015. However, all that could change with the arrival of the HTC One M10, since, a lot of rumors have been spreading around the device ever since its inception.

If HTC can manage to keep the hype intact till launch and deliver on their promises, the One M10 could very well be able to turn the tides in favor of the company. Hence, HTC is leaving on stone unturned while making sure that the One M10 is a one-of-a-kind product in the house.

Initial speculations suggest that the device, codenamed, HTC Perfume, runs on Android v6.1 Marshmallow and features HTC Sense 8.0 touch interface.The device is slated to be powered by an Octa-Core Qualcomm processor along with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage.

HTC One M10

The One M10 is also likely to feature an expandable storage of 200GB. Speculations further suggest that the device features a 27MP primary camera, catering to the needs of all the click-friendly people.

The front-facing 5MP snapper is the perfect bet for the selfie-holics. Additional features include Optical Image Stabilization and dual SIM card support. Even though HTC is yet to announce a formal price tag for the device, experts believe that the smartphone should be priced within the $650 – $700 range for maximum effect.


  1. HTC needs to be the leader it can be. The m8 and m7 has the best form and ui out there. Busy the hardware is behind. Not o ky did they once leader the pack the started it and some how fell to the back .all hopes for the M10

  2. I am with Sprint and I owned the M7, theM8 (Harmon Kardon) which was the BEST phone I ever owned. I currently own the M9 (only because Sprint early upgraded me to it.) Compared to my M8, the M9 is a big step down. I would gladly swap it for another M8 harmon kardon if I could. I can not wait until the M10 is available so I can use my Oh Oh to get $100 towards the
    purchase of the M10, YOU WOULD MAKE A KILLING IF YOU STUCK THE 820 PROCESSOR IN THE M9 HK edition. I sure hope the M10 sounds as good and as loud as the M9 did.