GTA 6: Rumored Release Date, Gameplay Map To Include An Entire US State? Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Rumored to be Part of the Game, More Details


Rumors are hot in the market regarding reports that Rockstar Games is already working on the next installment of the immensely popular franchise of “Grand Theft Auto” games. Rockstar Games rolled out GTA 5 in 2013 and it is believed that the next installment – GTA 6 will hit the market in 2018.

The DLCs for GTA 5 are already being made available to fans by Rockstar Games and this only adds to the craze that the game has already created among gamers. A GTA game generally takes 5 years to develop, but it looks like that Rockstar could develop and release GTA 6 earlier than usual.

Though there’s still no confirmation from Rockstar regarding the issue, it is not stopping fans from gearing up for another major addition to the GTA franchise of violent and heist-rich gameplay.

Earlier reports regarding the gameplay of GTA 6 stated that its developer Rockstar Games was considering having the entire US as the gameplay map. While it is definitely possible for Rockstar to do such a thing, it won’t be a feasible option for certain reasons.

To inculcate an entire country in a game is quite an arduous job for the developers and besides that according to certain experts of the game it may cause certain issues among players of the game like moving from one state to another whether by the means of air or ground, could be a real bore for gamers.

However, a more practical option would be to include an entire state in the gameplay instead of inserting an entire country in it. According to renowned website Rockstar Games is putting their thoughts into the idea, and is believed to be considering having an entire US state as the gameplay map for GTA 6.

When asked by fans if he sees the GTA franchise heading towards London or any other international city during the release of GTA 5 in 2013, Dan Houser, the head writer of Rockstar Games said that GTA is America, because it has the lifestyle, humor and the culture all geared towards the American dream and the reality of living in the country.

Thus, it can be assumed that having an entire US state as the gameplay map of GTA is an idea that the franchise’s head writer is already considering.

It is seen that several states of the US have already been a part of the previous installments of the game and this includes the city of New York, resemblance of which have been seen both in the gameplay of GTA 3 and GTA 4. Another city, Florida, shows a serious likeness to the popular installment, Vice City of the GTA franchise.


It may be assumed that Rockstar Games is considering putting up an entire US state as the gameplay map of the next installment of the GTA franchise and in this context names of several US states come to the forefront like Florida, Hawaii and Washington DC.

Another rumor doing rounds on the internet states that there may be a female character in GTA 6 and that person is believed to be Eva Mendes. Ryan Gosling is also rumored to be a part of the 6th installment of the franchise in a protagonist role, which certainly is news for the ladies!


  1. They gotta include North Korea and have Korean soldiers shooting at you and then have you get all the way to Kim Jong Un. So hilarious!