GTA 5 Online: Make Over $50000 in 45 Seconds, Stuff Gets ‘Ramped Up’, Latest Offering from Rockstar Delayed, And More Details!


Rockstar recently revealed their new event plans for GTA 5 and this included giving us a look at the Freemode events which were recently updated. There are Creator Jobs inspired by the warriors along with music special as well. Fans of GTA 5 can tune into live stream events from Rockstar in order to pick up several Freemode tips.

There is three days’ worth of events starting from 9th October and fans can take a look at from now. There is a lineup of special GTA 5 live streams that people can choose from. They will be going live from the YouTube channels and official Rockstar Twitch.

Free mode events and Adversary modes will be commonly focused upon along with selected GTA Community guests who will be playing the new activities and the best selections will be chosen from co-host Gtamen’s weekly Top three Creator Maps and showcased live on steam.

The lineup has been confirmed by Rockstar who reported that omnipresent Rockstar live stream legend GTAmen and ardent fan – The Liberty Lunatic – will be visiting New York City all the way from Netherlands and he will be hosting the session with the other honored guest players, including Casey from GTAGaming, Hike, Juan from GTA-Growth, and Typical Gamer along with many more.

The streams will go live again and they will feature a GTA V Soundtrack special featuring Neon Indian. This will happen while the preview tracks from their new album while checking out the Online Adversary Modes in GTA.

Using the various fan updates, GTA 5 can test out various new ways to play the game. GTA and its fans as a whole gain a lot from the innovative community who continue to bring out new fresh content and ways to play the game.

New content for GTA Online is being continuously created by Rockstar while modders are working hard to keep the locations like Blaine County and Los Santos pretty amazing.

This week, the new ramp truck mod introduces an eye-catching and simple way to bring about chaos and destruction. Some gamers have grown tired of the heavy traffic on Los Santos streets and one fan took the advantage of a Simple Trainer and handling mods in order to fling traffic skyward in a totally crazy new way.

At the same time, fans of GTA 5 Online are waiting for a lot of new stuff in Halloween. A truck and a steel crate can be used as a wedge and things soon enter a whole new level of madness when new items are used to inflict a heavier amount of damage on unwary riders. Have you ever seen a tank used as a catapult? Well, you better check it out!

In the meantime, Rockstar had to delay a GTA Online Livestream that was planned. Recent reports confirmed that the band Neon Indian won’t be able to make it to 11th October. On October 16th, the next event has been scheduled to focus on specially created fan content.

According to Rockstar, they are planning to release a new content update soon, for GTA 5 Online while fans keep waiting for more Halloween themed items. For example, double GTA$ & double RP for All Deathmatches were offered during Halloween Weekend last year.

GTA 5 Online

However, users this year are hoping for more exciting content in GTA 5 Online but we are not sure as to how much the team needs to work on the latest Freemode events along with further content boosts. It was earlier confirmed by Rockstar that they have a full team in place, working on the GTA Online updates and they are primarily focusing on the multiplayer aspects.

In the meantime, if you are in the mood to make a quick buck or two in GTA Online, you better listen to what veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW has to say. In his latest video regarding the GTA 5 gameplay, he has introduced a new way through which you can earn 50,000 dollars in a matter of just 45 seconds.


  1. The heists were a lot of fun and kept us playing for days… the new content, these “Freemode Events” were very disappointing: (ask yourself things like these questions: Would you like to do the longest wheelie or heists? How long does a few different versions of “longest wheelie” go for fun versus even one Pacific Standard Job? GTA 5 has great potential as a heist franchise in its own right. The complicated, difficult heist requires training, teamwork and professionalism. When the team finally finishes on “hard” one really shares the celebratory feeling of the avatars as they share high-fives and toasts in the cutscene. An 18 hole golf course in Blaine? Sports tournaments leading to phenomenal prizes? Sunken treasure? Jobs? There are so many ways to enrich the game whereas new versions of “everyone shoot everyone” and “longest wheelie” have just driven many players this commenter knows to stay away.